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Magnetic Oilpan Heater

Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
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Early in 2004 the Cherokee began getting difficult to start. It would be very lumpy when starting below 20°F. After sitting for a few minutes (while trying to keep RPMs around 2500), the engine would warm up a little and start running right. In hindsight I can see this problem was actually my lean surge problem in its infant stage.

At the time it seemed like a good idea to get an oilpan heater to make those really cold mornings (below 15°) starts easier. This heater did aleviate the lumpy starting.


The heater!


This is the heating surface. Those two lines are the magnets.


You'll notice the plug peaking out in between the bumper and grill. When I want to use it, all I have to do is plug an extension cord into it.


This is how I "fixed" it to the oilpan. I used aircraft cable around the exhaust pipe on one end and a bungee cord to a motor mount on the other. The cables are only really for keeping the heater from sliding around. The magnets in the heater are what is really holding the heater to the car. If the bungee cord ever breaks, the cable around the exhaust pipe should hold on to it.

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