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Saturday, November 27th, 2004 - Comments (0) in
Happy Thanksgiving! (late) This year Rachelle and I stayed up in Rochester and cooked dinner for her family and Jason. It was fun. I braved the mall yesterday (Black Friday) and bought a new weightlifting bench. Rachelle's dad brought up his old bench and weights...but the bench was a little wobbly on the carpet in the house. I'll still probably use it for some stuff, and I am using the weights that he brought up. I'll take some pictures and post them eventually. This also gave me a reason to clean out that room with the drumset in it. It was just a storage room that we put all sorts of shit in when we moved.

Monday, November 8th, 2004 - Comments (0) in
Oy, it's its been a while since I updated this. What's new? Well my dad bought a Porsche Boxster. Its a '99 with very low mileage and in almost perfect condition. Picture 1 Picture 2 When I was walking home from work tonight it was snowing! How depressing is that? We finally got our pool closed on sunday so the timing was pretty good (even though I've been trying to get the school to close it for a couple of months). I went to an eye doctor last Thursday. I was kind of lucky; I called at 2:15pm and they said to show up at 3pm.