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Sunday, May 8th, 2005 - Comments (0) in
Happy Mother's Day! This was a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday Rachelle took me (and I took Jason) to a birthday party for her friend. It was fun but COLD. It was nice in the sun but in the shade it was not shorts weather. This morning we went to Barfalo to have brunch with Rachelle's family. It was fun. On friday I ran a dedicated 20amp circuit to the garage for my welder. This way if I start drawing to much current and the breaker pops it won't affect anything else in the house. I tried mowing the lawn today but the mower wouldn't start. It's Harley's mower so I dunno what's going on with it. I'll just the guys they need to cut the lawn.

Friday, May 6th, 2005 - Comments (0) in
It's been a while... I bought a welder the other day on ebay. It's a small 40-100amp arc welder...but it's fun to play with. I've only been able to blow some holes in soda cans and set my pants on fire but I'm getting there.

I figure $50 isn't bad if I can learn something.