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Worst Week Ever

Friday, April 7th, 2006

It really hasn't been the worst week ever, it just felt like it. I totally blame this on that little hour we lost last weekend. I've felt like a zombie ever since sunday.

Saturday was Harley's big fund raiser, BLAST, and was also the drawing for the hybrid raffle. I didn't win. Not winning didn't really bother me; what did was the fact that one of the richest men in Rochester won. And he only bought 2 tickets!

Monday was kind of a shitfest because all sorts of stuff broke at work. One of my new domain controllers decided it needed to reboot randomly every few minutes. When I pulled it off the shelf and put it on my bench it wouldn't boot at all. An hour and a half on the horn with Dell later they end up sending someone out to replace like everything but the hard drives. I was impressed to see the parts for the server arrived via UPS about 1.5 hours after the call to Dell. It took longer for the guy to change the parts than for them to arrive in the mail.

The rest of the week was pretty slow, but I feel like I've been in a daze the whole time.

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#1 - Apr 8, 2006 at 7:48 PM
Don't you hate that hour change crap? It just screws you up for a week. I hate when rich people win. It's not fair. WOW. The school must pay premium for that Dell service! What days are you coming to NJ? Your mother never called me back. Busy remodeling here. Re-doing the bathroom..ripping down the wallpaper and painting and replacing the window and the floor. So if you come down at Thanksgiving there will a whole new bathroom. Waiting for that warmer weather to paint the outside of the house yet.
#2 - Apr 9, 2006 at 9:43 AM
Yeah that rich guy winning was definitely irritating.

That level of service is usually pretty standard for servers. I think we have monday-friday 9-5 4-hour response. I could have gotten 24/7/365 2-hour service, but since we don't do anything really mission critical it wasn't worth the money.

We are coming down this weekend actually, thursday night through mondayish. It's been a while since I've visited so I figured it's about time.

Re-doing the bathroom sounds like fun. We are probably going to do something like that on a smaller scale this summer. Since Rachelle isn't working this summer she can repaint the upstairs bathroom and reseal the shower.

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