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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Monday, June 12th, 2006

Last night was game 3 of our softball season, and once again we got pounded by a bunch of gorillas. It didn't start out that bad. The first inning they got 3 runs. Then we got 0. In the third they got 9 (ouch) but they didn't get a single run the next time. After that it just went down hill really fast. One inning in particular they scored 19 runs! 19! It was ridiculous. Larry put it nicely by saying they all looked like they just drink beer, play softball and work construction. Guess who was sponsoring this team? Yes that's right, Jeremiah's Tavern again. That's three teams we've played sponsored by them and three rectal exams we've received.

We had a couple of injuries this game also. Shane had a grounder pop out of his mitt right into his face. From where I was standing it looked like it went right into his grill, but it actually hit him in the chin. Then Foster took a grounder in the shin. He has a nice bruise but he says it doesn't hurt much.

I didn't play this game because I played all innings of the last two games, which was fine with me; I kept track of the scoring. I had no idea how complicated scoring a softball game would be. I assumed you just keep track of runs. No, you have to keep track of every hit, every base run, every walk, every strikeout (if they swung or not), runs, errors, sacs (no idea), singles, double, triples, fielder's choices (no idea) and all kinds of shit.

I've heard that the next team we are playing, the Ligers, got pounded by one of the Jeremiah's teams also, so maybe they'll be more of a match for us. I don't really have a problem losing, but losing 28-2 proves that the teams are a little mismatched.

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