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Good Weekend and Good Game

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

Dave and Jason drove up from Connecticut and Albany this weekend for a sort of bachelor party. We played paintball at some place up in Hilton run by a baptist church. It was the three of us plus Curtis, Marnie and Rachelle's brother. Jason and I were joking before that day about them pulling a bait-n-switch when we got there. Like we get ready to play and they sit us down and are like "ok, now it's time to talk about god." Yeah that is exactly what they did hahahah. It wasn't that bad, just a 5 minutes spiel about how everything we do, we do for god, yada yada.

Jason called a few weeks ahead to give them all our names and information. At the time he called he didn't know Marnie's last name so he just gave them her first name. When we got there we found out that they had it written down as "Armani". So they knew this was a bachelor party and that we were bringing a girl (which like rocked their world to begin with) and that her only name was Armani; they totally thought we were bringing a stripper. How funny is that?

We played a 3 on 3 modified capture the flag game. They put one flag in the middle of this field full of pipes, cable spools and other stuff to hide behind and we had to get the flag and bring it to the opposite teams side. It was really fun. I almost made it the whole day (9am-1pm) without a bad mark from a paintball but Jason got me with the last shot of the day in the arm. It hurt. Marnie got Jason at like point blank range in the side and the paintball actually ripped his shirt. You can imagine what his side looked like.

They took us into the woods to play a similar game with big wooden forts, but it wasn't as much fun. There wasn't enough stuff to hide behind so the second you get out in the open you got owned.

On Sunday we had our fourth softball game of the season. We played a team call the Ligers. They were much more our skill level than the three other teams we've played. The game started out great and we were actually winning 9-5 around the 4 or 5th inning, but then they pulled ahead and ended up winning. It was by far the best game we've played so far and I had a lot of fun, so I don't really care that we lost. This was the last team in the league that we hadn't played, so now we have to play them all over again. I can't wait.

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