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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 - Comments (5) in Holidays, Life

xmas treeLast weekend Rachelle put me in charge of getting a Christmas tree. She didn't want to go with me because she needed to study for her final in her java class. The fact that she was on the couch under a blanket probably didn't help either.

We saw a group of boy scouts or something selling trees in the parking lot of Pittsford Plaza earlier in the week so I decided to give them a shot. I wasn't looking for anything monstrous, rather something between that and a Charlie Brown tree. When I got to the sale there really weren't that many trees there at all, maybe 10 or 15. Even with the slim pickings I was able to find the perfect tree! It's between 5 and 6 feet tall, green, not too sparse and very tree-like. I told the dude I'd take it and paid him $35. I'm pretty sure I made that groaning noise I make when I feel like I'm being robbed. Then it took 10 minutes for the 12 year old assistant to figure out how to cut the last inch of the tree off so it'll drink water while in the stand. If he got blood on my tree would have had to ask for a discount.

Once the kid figured out how to cut the bottom of the tree, he carried it over to my car (maybe 10 feet away) and threw it on the roof. He then proceeded to stand there looking at me like a puppy on Thanksgiving. Is customary to tip boy scouts who carry Christmas trees to your car? If I had known it was, I would have told him to beat it and carried the damned thing myself. Oh well. He eventually got the point when I started strapping the tree down with ratchet straps instead of digging for singles in my wallet.


Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 - Comments (1) in Computers, Life, Website

Today I noticed that I am no longer the number one search result for "joe reid" (without the quotes). In a matter of a few days I went from number 1 on the first page to near the top of the third page. I wonder why that is. I haven't updated the page recently, at least in a way that would change how it is indexed.

Not like this is really a big deal, but it is nice to type your name into a search engine and get your page as the first result. I'll have to try tweaking some things.


Tuesday, December 5th, 2006 - Comments (1) in Life, Rants, TV

So last night I was watching Heroes, and like the big nerd I am, I look around online to see if there is anything worth reading about it. Many times with these new scifi-esque shows there will be a pretty big internet following with discussions about the questions on the show and possible theories. So I'm looking around and find an article about InSinkErator, the garbage disposal maker, and how they are suing NBC over the pilot episode of Heroes. In case you missed the pilot, one of the main characters has special healing abilities (**cough**Wolverine**cough**) where her body automagically repairs itself from any damage, and she stuck her hand in the garbage disposal (while it was on) to retrieve something she dropped. Guess what happens?!

for the lose!

Big surprise right? Well apparently the people at InSinkErator think it shows their product in a bad light and tried to have rebroadcasts of the pilot blocked. What kind of horseshit is that?

Let's think about this logically. You put garbage in the disposal and turn it in. The unit completely obliterates whatever is in it so the contents can go down the drain. Garbage, baby turtles, fingers or whatever should get pretty mangled if they are in the disposal when it's on. I would think that's a good selling point. I wouldn't want a garbage disposal that couldn't handle a few fingers. InSinkErator even has this slogan on their website: "Grind Almost Anything."

This is most likely more about the fact that NBC used the InSinkErator name in the show without permission, but this lawsuit is just stupid. How many movies, tv shows and commercials have there been with people sticking their hands in a garbage disposal and getting pwned?