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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

So last night I was watching Heroes, and like the big nerd I am, I look around online to see if there is anything worth reading about it. Many times with these new scifi-esque shows there will be a pretty big internet following with discussions about the questions on the show and possible theories. So I'm looking around and find an article about InSinkErator, the garbage disposal maker, and how they are suing NBC over the pilot episode of Heroes. In case you missed the pilot, one of the main characters has special healing abilities (**cough**Wolverine**cough**) where her body automagically repairs itself from any damage, and she stuck her hand in the garbage disposal (while it was on) to retrieve something she dropped. Guess what happens?!

for the lose!

Big surprise right? Well apparently the people at InSinkErator think it shows their product in a bad light and tried to have rebroadcasts of the pilot blocked. What kind of horseshit is that?

Let's think about this logically. You put garbage in the disposal and turn it in. The unit completely obliterates whatever is in it so the contents can go down the drain. Garbage, baby turtles, fingers or whatever should get pretty mangled if they are in the disposal when it's on. I would think that's a good selling point. I wouldn't want a garbage disposal that couldn't handle a few fingers. InSinkErator even has this slogan on their website: "Grind Almost Anything."

This is most likely more about the fact that NBC used the InSinkErator name in the show without permission, but this lawsuit is just stupid. How many movies, tv shows and commercials have there been with people sticking their hands in a garbage disposal and getting pwned?

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#1 - Dec 11, 2006 at 7:06 AM
yeah, i heard about that lawsuit. so stupid. they should be glad everyone knows the name of their garbage disposal brand now. and they should happily tell would-be purchasers that their disposal grinds everything - including bones.

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