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Screwed by 3GB

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 - Comments (3) in Computers, Linux, Nerd Stuff, Work

At work I have a server setup to store all the backup data from the other servers. Backing up to disk over the network is much faster than backing up all those servers to tape and is a lot cheaper. I have a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) system setup in this server to prevent any data loss if any of the disks should go bad. There are a few different flavors of RAID; the one I'm using is RAID 1, or mirroring. This involves two "identical" disks having the same data. When data is written to the array it gets put on both disks at the same time. In the event that one of the disks should fail, the other one will continue to function and no data will be lost. Obviously if both disks fail you're screwed.

When I was planning this server I ordered two 200GB disks for the backups. These disks were identical; they were the same manufacturer, make, model and size. So when I created the array I used the maximum amount of space on the disks for the partitions. It worked great for a year or so. Last week one of those disks failed. It was still under warranty, but I bought a new one instead because if I tried to get a replacement they would want the old disk back and it still has all sorts of private data on it that I can't remove.

I ordered a new 200GB disk last week (the day the old one failed) and it arrived yesterday morning. I transplanted the drives and run the "raidhotadd" command expecting to have the system recognize the new disk and add it the array. It didn't. After some hair pulling I found out that the new disk is actually smaller than the original. Both times I asked for 200GB disks and both times I received 200GB disks (according to the box and the labels on the disks), but the original pair were actually 203GB. You can't mirror two disks when one of them is 3GB larger than the other.

Luckily I was had enough room on another drive in that server copy all the data so I could recreate the partitions on the one old drive and the one new drive to around 185GB so they would both match and could mirror each other. I purposely left some room in case this happens again and I get a disk that is 199GB.

Good Weekend and Good Game

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 - Comments (0) in Life, Softball

Dave and Jason drove up from Connecticut and Albany this weekend for a sort of bachelor party. We played paintball at some place up in Hilton run by a baptist church. It was the three of us plus Curtis, Marnie and Rachelle's brother. Jason and I were joking before that day about them pulling a bait-n-switch when we got there. Like we get ready to play and they sit us down and are like "ok, now it's time to talk about god." Yeah that is exactly what they did hahahah. It wasn't that bad, just a 5 minutes spiel about how everything we do, we do for god, yada yada.

Jason called a few weeks ahead to give them all our names and information. At the time he called he didn't know Marnie's last name so he just gave them her first name. When we got there we found out that they had it written down as "Armani". So they knew this was a bachelor party and that we were bringing a girl (which like rocked their world to begin with) and that her only name was Armani; they totally thought we were bringing a stripper. How funny is that?

We played a 3 on 3 modified capture the flag game. They put one flag in the middle of this field full of pipes, cable spools and other stuff to hide behind and we had to get the flag and bring it to the opposite teams side. It was really fun. I almost made it the whole day (9am-1pm) without a bad mark from a paintball but Jason got me with the last shot of the day in the arm. It hurt. Marnie got Jason at like point blank range in the side and the paintball actually ripped his shirt. You can imagine what his side looked like.

They took us into the woods to play a similar game with big wooden forts, but it wasn't as much fun. There wasn't enough stuff to hide behind so the second you get out in the open you got owned.

On Sunday we had our fourth softball game of the season. We played a team call the Ligers. They were much more our skill level than the three other teams we've played. The game started out great and we were actually winning 9-5 around the 4 or 5th inning, but then they pulled ahead and ended up winning. It was by far the best game we've played so far and I had a lot of fun, so I don't really care that we lost. This was the last team in the league that we hadn't played, so now we have to play them all over again. I can't wait.

Stupid Google

Monday, June 19th, 2006 - Comments (0) in Computers, Nerd Stuff, Work

I was looking through some of my server logs today at work and found a bunch of entries from one of Google's web crawlers. The weird part was what pages the bot was requesting. [19/Jun/2006:00:55:33] "GET /calendar/?m=12&y=2008 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:34] "GET /calendar/?m=166&y=2006 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:34] "GET /calendar/?m=88&y=2006 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:35] "GET /calendar/?m=7&y=2004 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:35] "GET /calendar/?m=12&y=2003 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:36] "GET /calendar/?m=12&y=2008 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:37] "GET /calendar/?m=74&y=2006 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:37] "GET /calendar/?m=7&y=1992 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:38] "GET /calendar/?m=1&y=2020 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:38] "GET /calendar/?m=175&y=2006 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:39] "GET /calendar/?m=9&y=2011 HTTP/1.1" [19/Jun/2006:00:55:40] "GET /calendar/?m=166&y=2006 HTTP/1.1"

Each of these requests is for my calendar page with different arguments. If you request the page with no arguments you'll be shown the calendar of the current month and year. The "m" argument is for the month and "y" is for the year you wish to view. Check out some of the months and years Google's crawler was requesting: 9/2011, 12/2008, 1/2020 and more interestingly 175/2006, 166/2006, 88/2006 and 74/2006. I've never tested my calendar application with dates such as those, but it actually handles them rather gracefully. Using 13 for the month is handled as January of the next year. So 1/2007 and 13/2006 are the same date to the program. Either way, WTF is the bot doing making requests like that? The bot should only be indexing pages that are linked from other pages; I don't think there is a link anywhere to Harley's calendar for October 2019.

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Monday, June 12th, 2006 - Comments (0) in Life, Softball

Last night was game 3 of our softball season, and once again we got pounded by a bunch of gorillas. It didn't start out that bad. The first inning they got 3 runs. Then we got 0. In the third they got 9 (ouch) but they didn't get a single run the next time. After that it just went down hill really fast. One inning in particular they scored 19 runs! 19! It was ridiculous. Larry put it nicely by saying they all looked like they just drink beer, play softball and work construction. Guess who was sponsoring this team? Yes that's right, Jeremiah's Tavern again. That's three teams we've played sponsored by them and three rectal exams we've received.

We had a couple of injuries this game also. Shane had a grounder pop out of his mitt right into his face. From where I was standing it looked like it went right into his grill, but it actually hit him in the chin. Then Foster took a grounder in the shin. He has a nice bruise but he says it doesn't hurt much.

I didn't play this game because I played all innings of the last two games, which was fine with me; I kept track of the scoring. I had no idea how complicated scoring a softball game would be. I assumed you just keep track of runs. No, you have to keep track of every hit, every base run, every walk, every strikeout (if they swung or not), runs, errors, sacs (no idea), singles, double, triples, fielder's choices (no idea) and all kinds of shit.

I've heard that the next team we are playing, the Ligers, got pounded by one of the Jeremiah's teams also, so maybe they'll be more of a match for us. I don't really have a problem losing, but losing 28-2 proves that the teams are a little mismatched.

Play Ball!

Monday, June 5th, 2006 - Comments (0) in Life, Softball, Work

Recently at work Mike emailed a bunch of guys asking if anyone wanted to start a softball team. I thought it sounded fun so I agreed to be on the team. I was pretty nervous because I hadn't swung a bat or thrown a softball since high school gym class, and I vaguely remember sucking at both anyway. Then I heard that many of the other players were in the same position and that we are playing in a beginner's league, so it wasn't that bad.

We had a practice this past Friday to sort of scrape the rust off which was a great idea; I was really freaking about the first game on Sunday. Schifty gave me some tips when it was my turn to practice batting and they really helped. I didn't really warm up or stretch before the practice and ended up pulling just about every muscle in my body.

I got a call Sunday morning from Mike saying that the plan changed and that because of how the teams worked out we had to play two games back to back that night. Wonderful. I assumed that the games would be easier than the practice because there would be a lot of down time. This was true, there was down time but the non-down times were way more strenuous. The first game was against some team sponsored by Jeremiah's Tavern. They all had matching uniforms and looked like they meant business. They did. We got our asses pretty much handed to us. They have a rule in the league where if at any time a team is winning by 11 runs the game is over, even if it is only in the first inning. Yeah, the game ended pretty early. I had fun and I know everyone else did so it was ok. The second game was worse. This team, also sponsored by Jeremiah's, was not a bunch of beginners and had no business playing us. They were really fast, and could all whack the ball pretty far. One of them hit a foul ball that actually hit a girl on the foot who was standing by the next field down. They weren't very nice either. Oh well. By the end of the game the Ibuprofen I took was wearing off and my legs were killing. That game officially ended early too, but they decided to keep playing.

I'm glad I joined the team; I'm not very athletic, but it's fun and might get me into a little better shape.

Garage Sales

Sunday, June 4th, 2006 - Comments (2) in Life, Peeves, Rants

I love garage sales. They're great for getting normal everyday things really inexpensively and helping the owners get rid of the crap they don't need anymore. I recently got a nice 100/140 watt soldering iron for $0.50, a craftsman 3/8 box wrench (open on one end box on the other) for $0.50 and a shovel and a rake (which I've actually used a lot lately) for $5.

The one thing about garage sales that I absolutely cannot stand is the way some people advertise the sale. Specifically the people who put a sign up on a street corner saying there is a sale Friday and Saturday from 8 until whenever. They don't put the actual dates like Saturday 6/3, just the day of the week. Then they proceed to leave the sign there for like a month.

There has been a sign on the corner of our neighborhood for a few weeks now. I don't actually know if they put the real dates of the sale on it because the sign is too small to read. Even when I'm in the car at that intersection leaving the neighborhood and the sign is maybe 12 feet away, I still can't read a single word other than "garage" and "sale" at the top.