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Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

Monday, January 1st, 2007

This has been a great holiday season. This year Rachelle and I were finally together on Christmas day. We went to my parents' house in NJ for a few days for Christmas and then we went to Buffalo for dinner and to open presents with her family. Then Jason came up for new years weekend and we all went over to Tim and Chris' house for a new year party.

NJ was a good relaxing time. Every time I go home I think I'm going to get out and see everyone I haven't seen in forever but I always end up just lounging around and doing nothing. We played with Steve a few times and just hung out with the family mostly.

wiimoteOf the various stuff I wanted for Christmas (underwear, socks, zombie survival guide, etc.) I asked my parents for a Nintendo Wii. I knew they were in very limited supply and mom probably wouldn't be able to get her hands on one for Christmas. This ended up being the case, but that didn't stop me from checking all the electronics stores at the mall on the 26th. As expected, I got the exasperated "NOOO!" from every electronics store employee when asking if they have any Wiis in stock until I got to EBX. I walk into the store and ask the very young employee handing out ad papers and he replies, "yes, we have 2 left in stock." I basically flew to the back of the pretty long line before he was done with that statement. When I first got in line I saw that the guy currently being served at the front was purchasing one of the two. Luckily everyone in front of me was either buying other games or returning stuff and I was able to get the last Wii!

Only one wireless controller and one nunchuck are included with the Wii which is fine for a single player, but the included game (Wii Sports) is much more fun with multiple players; imagine the carnage of doubles tennis with 4 people all swinging in your living room. So when we got back to Rochester went on the hunt for more wiimotes. Walmart was first on the list and surprisingly they had like 10 wiimotes and 7 nunchucks. I bought 3 wiimotes and 1 nunchuck to give me enough for 4 players. Every other place we went to that sold Wii stuff didn't have any remotes or any accessories. I guess I'm just lucky.

Jason came up for the new year weekend since we all had Monday off. His sister gave him a Gamecube for Christmas and he brought that with him. We had a great time playing all the Wii sports and Mario Party 7. We all went to Tim and Chris' house for a party last night. It was a great time; not a ton of people and very low key. We ended up playing Asshole most of the night and some other game where you have to get your team mates to say a word without saying a bunch of other words, I forget the name of it.

Today was a pretty lazy day. We all slept in, played a lot of tennis and Mario Party (I kicked ass one of the rounds). Mostly we were all trying to avoid thinking about having to go to work tomorrow.

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#1 - Jan 8, 2007 at 1:57 PM
i heard that some japanese kids who play wii, like, 15 hours a day find the wrist strap annoying, so they glue the controler to their hands.
#2 - Jan 8, 2007 at 5:26 PM
That might make it hard to change the batteries. It's fun and all, but I think I'd go crazy if I played that long.

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