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April Who?

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

What the hell happened to April? This month seemed to fly by way faster than normal. Maybe, at least for me, this is because so much has been going on.

Rachelle went on her Italy trip earlier this month with some people from school over spring break. She and a coworker friend got to tag along on the high school trip as extra chaperons. They visited all sorts of neat places like Milan, Rome, Pompeii and a whole bunch of other places I'm forgetting. I stayed home and took a mental health vacation, meaning I laid around like bum for a week watching terrible movies and playing video games. I had a bunch of stuff I needed to fix on my Jeep, but since it was about 20° and snowing the whole time, I could really only get to the necessary fix: the radiator. It was sunny and 70s in Italy the whole week, so you can imagine what a shock it was for Rachelle when she came back to a blizzard. When they landed at JFK they found out Jet Blue cancelled all flights, so she couldn't fly to Rochester. So everyone ended up taking a bus from JFK to Rochester starting at 10pm on Sunday night. New York City is about 300 miles from Rochester, so driving normally it should take around 5-6 hours. Because of the bad weather the bus didn't reach Rochester until 10am the next morning! SUCK. You can imagine what kind of shape she was in when she arrived.

The weather has been bugging me his month. I know April is one of those transition months, but this is getting ridiculous. When Rachelle was on her trip it was in the teens and snowing. Two weeks later it's 80° and sunny while I'm swapping the snow tires on her Honda for the regular set. I got sunburn on my arms that day. Now it's supposed to be in the 50s and raining all this week and next. Booo!

We're getting close to closing on our new house! The original target date was May 15, but now we're trying for May 11 since the seller is itching to close and our agent will be out of town the week of the 15th. I got a call from the lawyer a couple days ago saying that the bank won't schedule a closing because our rate-lock is valid only until the May 4, when in actuality the lock expires on the 14th. If you aren't familiar with a rate-lock, basically it's something you need to have to keep the mortgage rate if your closing is more than 60 days after applying. We were over the 60 days, so we needed a 90 day lock. What ended up happening was some of the documentation we provided the lender (pay stubs, investment statements, etc) would turn more than 120 days old after May 4, which would invalidate them in the lender's eyes. No big deal, I just had to dig up more current statements and stubs and send them along to the right people. Hopefully this'll all get sorted out quickly. I'm going to call the lawyer today to follow up, we'll see what she says.

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