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Game 1

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Today was the first game of the Cobbs Hill summer coed softball league. We played very well and won 9-6. This team was from Agatina's, a local Italian restaurant. They had these three guys (I think they were brothers) that reminded me of the Gatti brothers from that A&E show Growing up Gotti. Ok looking at that webpage they really didn't look like those guys, but that's what I thought during the game. Either way all three of them could smack the shit out of the ball. One of the girls (the catcher) busted a fake fingernail during the game and handed it off to a friend probably so she could stick it back on later. It was pretty funny.

Even after only one game, I could see a huge difference in the playing so far compared to last year. Our fielding is so much more organized; it made a world of difference. Sure we made mistakes, everyone does, but those mistakes didn't result in triples (every time). Good start to a season, hopefully we'll be able to keep it up.

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