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Friday, June 15th, 2007
Experts Exchange Shirt

This morning I received an email from Experts Exchange saying I've earned a free t-shirt! Apparently I've earned "Master" status in the Exchange Server, Linux Networking and Miscellaneous Networking categories. I don't think I'll look as cool as this guy wearing it, but free stuff is cool.

Experts Exchange is a site where people can ask mostly IT related questions and have EE's vast community of nerds offer suggestions to solve your problems. Back in 2003 when I signed up it was free and they gave you like 500 free points to ask questions. When you post questions you assign a point value; obviously the more points assigned the more urgent the problem. If you post the accepted solution you get the points multiplied by a grade they assign your post. An 'A' having a multiplier of 4, 'B' having a 3, you get the picture. So you can rack up some serious points if you know what you're doing. Since then I believe you actually have to pay to sign up and you can't even read the questions/answers unless you're logged in.

Most of the time I just lurk the site reading about problems and solutions other people have with software I also use. It's good to know what common problems people have and how to fix them before they happen to you. It makes you look like a rock star to your boss.

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