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Games 5 and 6

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Two Sundays ago was game 5. This one was awesome, we won 12-7 or something like that. It was one of those games where we were ahead basically the whole time. We played really well too, not many errors. It wasn't that the other team was bad, they were actually pretty good. One of Rachelle's good friends Chris joined the team and played for the first time in a very long time in this game. She was awesome in the outfield, she caught everything that came near her. She was a welcomed addition because she is really good at softball, but more importantly she would actually show up the games. A few times we've had trouble getting enough girls to show up just to play, even though more than enough signed up originally.

Game 6 on the other hand was a complete disaster. We played that Agatina's team yet again and they killed us 10-4. We got two runs in the first inning, I scored 1 run in the last inning and I wasn't really paying attention when the other run was scored. We were at a serious disadvantage from the get-go because a few of our really good players weren't there. Our pitcher has a hurt knee, and the other guy that pitches was out of town. We were also missing a few of our good girl players also. The circus came back to town during a couple plays this game too unfortunately. By 'the circus' I mean a seemingly never ending string of fielding errors which results in countless extra bases and runs for the other team. Someone gets the ball and overthrows, then the next person fumbles around and overthrows again at the next base. This process usually repeats for what seems like an eternity until the anguished screams of "hold onto the ball!!!" are heeded. And if that wasn't bad enough, they intentionally walked the only guy on our team that can consistently hit far into the outfield. They didn't even pitch to him; he got up to the plate and their coach was like "we're walking you". Now I can see pulling some chicken-shit maneuver like that if the score is tied or close and near the end of the game, but they did this when they were like 7 runs ahead of us! AND there was either nobody or like 1 person on a base at the time. It was absolutely ridiculous, especially considering they had about 4 or 5 gorillas who can all smack the shit out of the ball, but they felt the need to walk the 1 guy that could hit like most of them. Any respect I had for this team is officially gone.

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