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Sunday, February 25th, 2007 - Comments (16) in House, Life

Rachelle and I bought a house! Well we haven't closed yet, that'll happen mid May, but the owner accepted our offer and now we're just waiting on the mortgage.

It's a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath colonial in Fairport (near the canal).

These are some pictures from some of the sites the house was listed on. At some point I'll add the pictures I took myself, but right now they are mostly boring "joe reid" shots (basement, soffit vents, garage doors, etc).

Watch Now

Sunday, February 11th, 2007 - Comments (1) in Computers, Movies, Nerd Stuff

Almost a month ago I read a story about Netflix offering online movie viewing. I thought this was really cool and couldn't wait for them to activate it on my account. When they first launched this service they apparently picked a random group of Netflix users and said they would slowly enable it on all their accounts over the next 6 months. The Joe Reid luck came through again because I already have the "Watch Now" tab when signed into Netflix.

This is a pretty cool feature but it definitely has its drawbacks. Obviously it's going to be DRM'd out the ass or else the MPAA would shut it down pretty fast. That means you can't download and watch later, or multiple times. I use Firefox primarily and saw this message when trying it the first time: "Your Internet browser is not compatible with this feature. Try again with Internet Explorer 6 or higher." Boooooooo! Not only IE, but you need to be running Windows XP SP2. So much for running this on my home theater pc and playing it on the TV. Watching it on the TV wouldn't really look very good anyway because the quality isn't terrific to begin with. The default setting is for the movie to play in a small window in the browser. You can select full-screen from the options, but that makes it look even worse. This just confirms that there is no way to replace their DVD sending business with this online viewing; they just couldn’t handle the bandwidth requirements to stream a full length DVD quality movie.

The movies available for instant viewing are also rather limited. I understand they are busy porting their collection over, but they seemed to have started with all the 1 stars.

Snow Tires

Monday, February 5th, 2007 - Comments (6) in Life

Since Rachelle has a pretty decent commute every morning and 490 is rarely plowed at 6:45am, I thought it was a good idea to get snow tires for her Accord. After shopping around a little and having my dad do some research I decided to get 4 Bridgestone Blizzak Revo 1 tires mounted on their own set of steel wheels. had a pretty decent deal going on them so I bought a set.

They arrived this past Wednesday and were on the car Thursday afternoon. That evening we drove to Walmart and bought some wheel covers since the lug nuts that came with the snows were open ended and I wanted to keep the corrosion down.

Friday afternoon I got a call from Rachelle on her way home saying that both her front tires were flat! So I had to pack my car with two of the original tires, my jack, torque wrench, a stool and a tarp and drive out to the RAC in Perinton. It wasn't very fun changing the tires. Since both front tires were completely flat, I couldn't get my jack under the car to jack it up. I had to use the stupid little scissor jack that came with the car. It took like 10 minutes to get the car up high enough to get my jack under. After that it wasn't so bad; it was like 10°f and snowing like The Day After Tomorrow.

I think the reason the tires went flat was because of the wheel covers. I had to put this wire ring around the inside of the wheel covers to make them fit snuggly. I think the ring pressed against the stem and caused air to leak out. My dad said that if the stems were installed correctly, it shouldn't have mattered, but since tirerack didn't charge me for the mounting and balancing I'm sure they'd tell me to go screw my self if I complain.

This weekend I filled the tires back up to about 30 psi and right they're reading just below 30. Since it's about 5-10 degrees colder out there now that is just about right. I think the tires will be fine if I leave the wheel covers off, but I'll wait until it isn't Rachelle's week to drive in the carpool before putting them back.