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House Miscellanea

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 - Comments (6) in House, Life

So I'm the proud owner (well co-owner) of a fantastic house! The closing was pretty simple, we just signed our live away for 30 minutes on countless sheets of paper, and we even got the keys at the end!

Moving day was pretty awesome. The weather was perfect for moving: sunny and 70s. When I went to Budget to get the truck that morning I was think thinking it was way bigger than we needed. We got a 24 foot truck for our move from the City to Brighton and almost filled it all up, but without layering too much. This time my dad took care of playing tetris with all the boxes and packed that truck as much as we could. When the truck was absolutely stuffed, we had to use Rachelle's father's and brother's pickup trucks, my parent's minivan, my Cherokee, Rachelle's Accord and her mom's car. It was a zoo but we got everything packed and over in 1 trip and in about 2.5 hours. We were a little slower in unloading though...

I'm slowly getting things done and to my liking (network jacks in the office, cable tv run to the laundry room, locks all keyed alike) and Rachelle is busy picking out paint colors (even though I think white is fine). We're really lucky the place was in such nice condition, we didn't need to do anything for it to be livable. That makes it much easier to concentrate on tweaking things to the way you want them. I'll put some pictures of soon.

My 1337 Email Server

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007 - Comments (2) in Computers, Life, Nerd Stuff, Work

1337 email stats

Every day most of my servers at work will email statistics and log excerpts to me so I can make sure they're healthy and everything is running well. I thought this one was amusing since the number of email messages processed by this particular server yesterday was exactly 1337. If you aren't familiar with this number (and I'm talking about the meaning other than just one thousand three hundred thirty seven) check out the wikipedia entry for leet.

You could also have some fun with this leet-speak generator.

Clear to Close

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 - Comments (5) in Life

I've been freaking out lately because we're coming up on the closing date of our new house and the bank was still jerking me around.

Basically I got a call from my lawyer saying that they tried the schedule the closing for May 11th but the bank wouldn't do it since the commitment letter said it has to close on or before May 4th. I looked through the letter and could only find the expiration date of our rate-lock on May 14th. After looking really closely I found the 4th on the last page under the you-need-this-shit-at-closing section. So I called my broker to find out what was going on and he figured out that some of our documentation was going to expire on May 4th. After some digging we figured out that one of Rachelle's pay stubs and the first quarter statement for my Roth IRA were going to be more than 120 days old after the 4th. So I gave them newer copies of that stuff and had to wait for the bank to remove that date restriction.

I was really starting to sweat because I only found out last night that the bank had processed the updated paperwork and would allow us to close on the 11th, and the original date restriction was tomorrow! I know the bank really wants to lend me the money since they'll get more than 2x as much back in interest, but I was still getting pretty worried. Now all I have to do is hold back the tears when I write a check with 7 digits (including cents) on it at the closing.