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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 - Comments (6) in Cars, Life

A couple of weeks ago we took the long trip down to New Jersey to visit my family for a while. We usually take Rachelle's car because it's quiet and has air conditioning, but I needed to do some work on my car with my dad so we took the jeep. The ride down wasn't that bad. It was an overcast day and was actually a little cold, so the missing a/c wasn't a problem.

Rachelle took the train to Long Island to visit a couple friends there for a few days while I hung out at home.

My dad recently got a lift for use in his barn, so we were able to raise the jeep up to our level while working on it. It made everything soooo much easier not having to bend over for hours at a time. It looks like it would be tippy, but it's really pretty stable. We were able to climb a ladder and get in it without it moving much at all.

The main thing I needed to do to the jeep was replace the driver side front-axle universal joint. The old joint was making a terrible pulsating squeaking noise when ever the wheels were turned while moving. While we were at it, we found that the wheel bearing was going bad so we replaced that at the same time.

The other thing I really needed to do was replace the rear differential cover. The pinion seal is leaking a little (still), and the check/fill plug for the differential was completely rusted in place. The only way to check the fluid level or add any would be to remove the old cover and replace it with a new one. Below is a movie of how the differential works. It's kind of neat how they designed a way of powering both wheels while allowing them to spin at different speeds (like while the car is turning).

That's my dad doing his teacher-thing in the background explaining why you don't want the spider gears spinning since they don't have bearing.

for the win!!!1

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 - Comments (2) in Life, Softball

It's been suggested to me that I write about something other than softball. I will gladly comply (until next season), but had to write one more softball entry:

Last Sunday was the championship game for our league and we were up against my favorite team, Agatinas (again). This time though we held it together and killed them 16-8. It looks like it was going to be a good game from the start; we scored 3 runs in the first inning and they scored 6. Apparently they ran out of steam or something after that. I was happy to see the circus come out on their team a few times during a particularly horrendous inning where we scored 10 runs. Other than that it was a very well played game. I sat out for the first few innings because we had fewer girls so I kept score. When I got into the game, they walked me the first time (bad pitches) and the second time I got up they walked me intentionally! They didn't even pitch. I guess they thought I was a gorilla that would cream the ball, where in reality I probably couldn't get it out of the infield.

The only surprise bigger than actually winning the championship game was the fact that they had a trophy (or "statue" according to Rachelle) for us! Being a big nerd, I haven't won many trophies in my life, especially for sports.