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Little Fuzzy Balls

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Last summer, just after we bought the house, I planted a peach tree. I'm not really sure how old it was when I got it, but it was maybe 5 or so feet tall. According to most of what I've read online they usually won't start growing actual peaches for a number of years after you plant them, until the tree is big enough and well established in the ground. 


This weekend I took a close look at it and noticed some little fuzzy balls growing on it where the flowers bloomed in the spring. They certainly look like peaches to me. This morning I pulled one off and broke it open, it didn't look like a peach, no flesh or pit, but it certainly smelled like one! I'm so excited, how lame is that? There's only one problem: the tree is still young and probably shouldn't be producing peaches. I think we're going to end up pulling most of them off and let the energy go to the tree itself to get bigger rather than going to the fruit. Obviously I'm going to leave a few on there to see how they turn out. With fewer peaches growing they end up being much sweeter.

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