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Saturday, November 29th, 2008 - Comments (10) in Life

Recently I've been having some stomach and GI issues. My primary care physician gave me a prescription for Omeprasole (generic Prilosec) which has helped a lot and referred me to a gastroenterologist. After hearing what was going on, the gastro-guy wanted me to get an endoscopy to see what everything looks like down there. Don't worry, this one goes in through the mouth, not the other way.

I had one of these tests about 15 years ago when I first starting having heartburn problems. I don't remember much about it other than waking up or at least having a moment of clarity during the procedure. I remember not knowing what was going on and then instantly trying to attack everyone within reach. Obviously I feel bad about that now, but at the time it seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

This time however I don't remember a thing. I was wide awake and talking to everyone when they wheeled me into the room. Then I had to sign some form and they had me turn onto my left side and that was it. That was at about 4:20pm. The procedure took about 10 minutes but from that time until about 9 or 10pm that night I only remember little flashes. I remember Rachelle talking to me in the recovery room. Then I remember being in the car, although I have no memory of actually getting in the car. Then I remember being on the couch in my pajamas, no memory of getting out of the car, going up stairs, changing or navigating the stairs again. My mom called at one point and I apparently talked to her, but I have no idea what I said.

gorked out in the car

(me doped off my gord on the way home)

I felt bad for Rachelle because I kept asking the same questions over and over and over. I really wanted copies of the pictures of the procedure and I guess I kept asking if we had the pictures. The next morning I had to ask one more time because even though I could then remember asking the questions, I couldn't remember the answer she kept giving me.

The toughest thing about this whole experience was that the procedure wasn't until the afternoon, and I couldn't eat anything that whole day. I was really cranky at work that day. Then I was so useless after, I think I only ate a can of soup that whole day.

In case you're wondering, the pictures are in the first comment.