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There Will Be Boredom!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 - Comments (8) in Life, Movies, Rants

I made a promise to myself a while ago, that I would only give one more chance to oscar-winning movies to prove they all don't suck. I gave them a chance, and they failed again.

There will be blood

This weekend we watched There Will Be Blood, a turn of the century period-piece about oil. That description is a little more exciting than the actual movie was. To give you an example, I'm pretty sure no words were spoken at all in the first 10, maybe even 20 minutes. It was just Daniel Day Lewis (DDL) in a hole with a pick ax, setting dynamite, not being able to pull up his tools in time (you'd think he would've done that before lighting the dynamite...), falling down the shaft breaking a leg, dragging himself up out the hole and a bunch of miles into town on his back to confirm he found something in the hole.

It didn't really get much better as it went on. DDL's character seemed like a normal guy making a killing in an emerging market, but he seemed to get crazier and crazier as the movie went on. He seemed like a good father in the beginning and then decides to abandon his son after an accident. Then he started threatening to kill people who inquire about his family and beat up priests.

Speaking of priests, one of the somewhat major characters is a priest. We met him early on when he told DDL that there was oil coming up out the ground on his family's ranch. He said his name was Paul when he first met DDL, but when DDL got to the ranch he introduced himself as Eli. Maybe they were supposed to be twins (they were both played by Paul Dano from Little Miss Sunshine), but during the movie you never see Paul again, even in their family's house. There wasn't even a place set for him at the table for dinner. I thought maybe it was really Eli the whole time and didn't want DDL to know his name at the beginning. But at the end DDL and Eli started talking about Paul. The other idea was that Paul was a separate personality of Eli's, but that just seemed completely random. Either way, it was unnecessarily confusing and in my opinion didn't do anything for the movie.

This was the last chance I gave oscar winning movies. I swear movies like this only win oscars because the academy feels bad knowing they suck and won't win any other awards.


Little Fuzzy Balls

Sunday, May 25th, 2008 - Comments (0) in House, Life

Last summer, just after we bought the house, I planted a peach tree. I'm not really sure how old it was when I got it, but it was maybe 5 or so feet tall. According to most of what I've read online they usually won't start growing actual peaches for a number of years after you plant them, until the tree is big enough and well established in the ground. 


This weekend I took a close look at it and noticed some little fuzzy balls growing on it where the flowers bloomed in the spring. They certainly look like peaches to me. This morning I pulled one off and broke it open, it didn't look like a peach, no flesh or pit, but it certainly smelled like one! I'm so excited, how lame is that? There's only one problem: the tree is still young and probably shouldn't be producing peaches. I think we're going to end up pulling most of them off and let the energy go to the tree itself to get bigger rather than going to the fruit. Obviously I'm going to leave a few on there to see how they turn out. With fewer peaches growing they end up being much sweeter.

First Softball Pains

Monday, May 19th, 2008 - Comments (3) in Life, Softball

Ugh, I'm in pain! Friday after school was the first "practice" for playing softball this summer at Cobbs Hill. Basically a few of us met on the field at school to play catch and do a little batting in hopes of preparing for the start of the season sometime in the middle of June. I was fully aware that I would be sore after throwing a ball around and swinging a bat, but I was not quite prepared for the degree of soreness.

My right (throwing) arm and shoulder are predictably a little sore, but the killer is my entire torso. Every muscle involved in bending or turning or doing anything hurts. It's better now, but this weekend it was pretty rough. I still have a little residual cough from my cold a few weeks ago, and it feels like someone is punching me when ever I cough. Don't even get me started on sneezing; I sneezed when we left a restaurant on Saturday night and nearly cried.

The corporate challenge is this week and I have a feeling I'm going to die while attempting it. 3+ miles while completely out of shape is bad enough, but while you're already wrecked from other strenuous shenanigans sounds like a bad idea.

Random IT Surveys

Friday, May 16th, 2008 - Comments (0) in Life, Rants, Work

I hate phone surveys. Not a week goes by that I don't get at least one random phone call from some ESL call-center slave. These surveys take like 20 minutes and are made up of these ridiculous 15 part questions with things like having to rate on a scale from 1-9 how specific phrases apply to our infrastructure or how likely we are to purchase technology X in the next 3-6, 6-12 and 12-24 months.

Today I got 3 of these survey calls. During the last one I finally said that something came up and hung up on the girl because I couldn't stand it anymore. Sometimes it's so tough to understand what these people are talking about since they're speaking a mile-a-minute and with terrible accents; it was giving me a headache.

Sometimes they offer money to take these surveys, which is really the only reason I even consider wasting my time doing them. Sometimes they don't tell you until after if that is the case, but it's usually between $10 and $30. At least that's what they say, I can only honestly remember getting a couple of checks and a couple of Amazon Gift cards.

Baby Mama Drama

Friday, May 9th, 2008 - Comments (0) in Life, Movies

We saw Baby Mama this past weekend. It was pretty funny, but super predictable. Best line in the entire movie:

"I think she wants me to rub olive oil on your taint."

Baby Mama

My favorite part about the movie was how inexpensively we were able to see it. We got a half-price entertainment book since the year is half over, but it still has tons of useful coupons. It has a bunch of Regal Cinema coupons for two $6 adult tickets. That's cheaper than the cheapest theaters around here even when we use our ancient student ID cards. We also used a gift card to pay. We hit Wegmans up before the movie getting gummies and some drinks to sneak in. I'm not even sure we have to sneak outside food into movies, I've only seen signs like "Please refrain from bringing outside food or drinks into the theater", they don't say you can't, just that you shouldn't. Either way it's pretty fun to sneak food in; consciously doing things you know you shouldn't is always fun.