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Season 3 Games 9 and 10

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 - Comments (0) in Life, Softball

On Sunday we played games 9 and 10, both against our nemesis: Agatina's. This was a double header to make up for the Sunday before when the game got rained out in the first inning. They had some really good players, but they also had some real jerks. Every time we play them there is usually some inter-team meltdown. Last season I can remember one of the girlfriends getting yelled at and leaving the game in a huff. This time they were yelling another female player and she got mad and refused to put forth any effort. When she was up at bat she wouldn't swing, and when she was in the field she wouldn't move, not even taking her hand out of her pocket.

We won this game by a decent amount. They needed to win both games in order to make it to the playoffs, so when they lost the first game they decided they were only going to play the second game "for fun" even though this is a recreation league and we're all there for fun. So they just messed around the entire second game and got pounded. It was kind of annoying that they didn't take the second game seriously. 

Stung, Twice!

Friday, August 15th, 2008 - Comments (5) in House, Life, Rants

Normally bees and wasps and all those flying stinging bastards don't bother me. Even if they come sniffing around I don't freak out like some people. Before recently I had not been stung in an extremely long time. In fact the last time I can remember was when I was probably 5 or 6 running around my grandparent's yard and got stung on my pinky toe. 

Two weekends ago while mowing the lawn I felt something hit my calf, so I swatted it and it landed on my forearm and stuck me. I was not pleased. There was no stinger stuck in my arm, so I was thinking it was a wasp or hornet. I'm not deathly allergic, but my arm got really sore and swollen.

Last weekend I was mowing again and in the same exact spot I felt something on my leg again and went to swat it, but it stung me on the back of the knee before I got there. Same MO, no stinger and seemly out of nowhere. I was really pissed this time. I spoke some choice words rather (extremely) loudly.

We looked online to see what makes nests in the ground and it looks like it was probably a wasp. The only thing is I can't find the nest. Typically they look like little piles of dirt and are pretty obvious. This weekend when I mow, I'll be ready to kick some wasp-ass.

Season 3 Games 4 (cont.), 5, 6, 7 and 8

Thursday, August 14th, 2008 - Comments (0) in Life, Softball

It's been a while since I said anything about softball. The past few weeks have been kind of poopy as far as weather, and a bunch of softball games were cancelled due to rain. When they cancel a game, they make it up by doubling up the games the next week.

Game 4 was called in the middle of the third inning, so when we had to make it up, we had to recreate the game and continue. I expected to just start a new game and start over, but no, we had to remember who was on what base and who was at bat with how many strikes/balls/fouls they (I) had. Once we got all that straight and started the game, we creamed them. In their defense, they were short one girl and one guy, so their fielding was bit off.

For game 5, we played the same team, which I though was pretty stupid. What if one team was totally better than the other, how much fun would it be to get creamed once and know you're going to get pounded again in the next game? We beat them in this game also, but it was much closer. We are very similar teams, but their player shortage sealed their fate.

Normally I can play a game on Sunday and be physically fine, not sore or anything. Playing these two games back to back took its toll on me. I was pretty sore after, but still ok. The problem came the next week when we had another double header (games 6 and 7). I stretched and did everything I normally do to prepare for a game, but my first at-bat did something to my hamstring. It wasn't bad, but I was feeling it. Luckily we had a surplus of guys, so I was a designated hitter and got to just stretch in between our times batting. The stretching didn't help. Every time I had to run the bases my leg got worse and worse. By the time the second game started I was totally handicapped. I traded spots with a guy who was sitting out the second game because I just couldn't move.

Last week was game 8, but I didn't play in it. I was mowing the lawn earlier in the day and got stung by a wasp in the leg. I'm not terribly allergic to bees and wasps, but it really hurt and got all swollen. That combined with the state of my hamstring from the week before, I just didn't even try to play. Luckily I didn't drive all the way to Cobb's Hill, because the game was rained out in the first inning! That would've set a triple header for next weekend, but I just found out that one of the teams forfeited already, so it's only down to a double header. I should start stretching now...