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Toasted Blackberry

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Rachelle has a Blackberry Curve 8330 and until recently it's been working great. She got it about five months ago and so far has had no problems with. This past week she went to plug it in to charge the battery before going to bed and the instant she plugged it in the screen went white. The universal fix-it for these devices is to pull the battery out and let it reboot and that was the first thing I suggested. When she put the battery back in the red notification light stayed on for a long time (10 secs) and then the screen flickered once and that was it (see the video). Of course we tried this a bunch of times with and without the power adapter and every time it seems the phone wouldn't boot.

Interestingly even when it appeared to be off, I was able to answer a call with it. I called it with my phone and noticed the indicator light blinking; she had put the phone in silent mode before the problem. That made me think it was just a screen problem, but it wouldn't dial out and had difficulties connecting to the desktop software. I tried upgrading the OS but that process failed about half way through and totally hosed it.

I took it back to Verizon and it turns out that the guy in the service queue ahead of me had the same problem with the same phone. This saved me a lot of time arguing and trying to prove that I'm not completely retarded; the guy before me had to go through that though. So with basically no questions asked I got them to FedEx me a new phone. I asked for next day delivery because she started going through crackberry withdrawal the night it cooked. When the new phone arrived the invoice showed that blackberry had credited us the $14 for the expedited delivery. When I had tried to upgrade the OS on the handheld, it made a backup of all the databases, so when we got the new phone I just imported everything and it was exactly like the old phone in minutes. Aside from being without it for a couple days, the whole situation was rather painless. 

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