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Closet Facelift

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Over the past few days we've been renovating our bedroom closet. The closet wasn't terrible to begin with, each side had a bar and a shelf, but it could be better. Rachelle wanted some kind of shelving unit with some drawers and found what she wanted at a combination of home stores locally. We got the shelving unit from Home Depot and the black shelf hardware from Lowes.

There wasn't much demolition to be done. The shelf and the bar just lifted out, but they were set on pieces of wood that were nailed into studs. I was rather surprised how hard it was to get that wood off the wall.


We set the top shelves and bars up way higher which allowed for a lower shelf and bar too. This setup allows for the same amount of bar space while adding 7 shelves and two drawers.

before after

The only casualty was my left thumb. I had to cut the bars and shelves down to the right size with a hack saw. By the time I got to the last shelf I was trying to do it quickly because it was getting dark outside and the mosquitoes were coordinating an attack. When the saw finally went through the last little bit of metal, things bounced around and somehow the saw ended up hitting my finger. It didn't really hurt too much, but bled for like 2 days. At least I think it hit my finger with an up-stroke, the teeth on the saw are oriented to do the most damage with a down-stroke. Whenever I do work of this nature I just expect to get hurt somehow; blood is a good indication that you're actually getting something done.


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