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Nice Vise!

Monday, November 23rd, 2009 - Comments (2) in Life, Nerd Stuff

It never ceases to amaze me, the stuff people throw out. On my way to work this morning as I'm leaving the neighborhood I spot a vise in a pile a crap at the end of someone's driveway. I've been casually looking for a vise for a few years now because I've been using this little itty bitty tiny weenie vise that my dad gave me, so you can imagine how fast I put it in reverse, got out and ganked this one. I practically got a hernia living it into the car, it's got to weigh at least 50lbs.

my new vise

My old vise is so small I can actually mount it on the new vise:

baby vise on bigger vise


A few weeks ago my dad and I went to visit an old friend of his out in Hemlock. This guy had the biggest vise I've ever seen in my life; you could crush a car in it:

Handzo's vise

He said he got it at a scrap yard for free. Now I have a respectable one, but I still have vise-envy after seeing that monster.

H1N1 Shot

Thursday, November 19th, 2009 - Comments (3) in Life

So Monroe County finally got some Swine Flu vaccine shots and is putting on public clinics. They're still only giving it to high-priority people (pregnant chicks, care givers, EMTs, etc.) but it's available and free.

Today was one of the clinics and I attended the one at the Penfield Town Hall. It was scheduled for 10a-8p and I knew people would show up early, so I decided to get there just after 9. I rolled in at 9:15 and there were already people everywhere. There were cops routing traffic, cones all over the place, people parking on the grass; it was nuts.

h1n1 clinic

h1n1 clinic line

So I parked as fast as I could and ran to join the line. There were probably a couple hundred people in front of me. Someone who already registered then came up to talk to the people behind me and I just couldn't help eavesdropping. Apparently people had been lined up since 8am and there were about 500 people already registered.

When you registered, they gave you a number on a ticket and a form to fill out. Then they told you to fill out the form in your car and listen to 90.3FM for them to call your number. The problem with this was the low-powered local radio transmitter only broadcasted about 1/4 mile around the building. I listened for a while to figure out how fast they were going and did the math; I had a few hours to kill.

I went home, ate some lunch, played some Super Mario Bros. Wii and went back. By the time I got back they realized they needed more accessibility. They added the audio from the radio to the local TV channel. This was great if you live in Penfield, but unfortunately I don't. Then a little bit later they mentioned they were tweeting the numbers. Then finally they decided to put the numbers on the town's website. This would have been great to know earlier since I sat in my car for another hour before they called my number.

This process took way longer than I expected it to, but I guess all that matters is I got the shot. The nurse who stuck me was a pro, I didn't feel it at all.

My Plague

Sunday, November 15th, 2009 - Comments (2) in Life

I'm currently getting over being the sickest I've ever been in my life. I think I've got a variation of the seasonal flu, but who knows.

Last weekend my parents were in town and when they left on Sunday I raked all the leaves in the yard. This took me hours and hours, so when I was done I was totally exhausted. The next day I felt like I got run over by a bus, it was awful. I couldn't tell if I was just sore from doing all that work the day before or because that goes along with the flu. Either way, I felt terrible.

I had already taken Monday as a personal-day because my parents were supposed to stay up longer but ended up leaving on Sunday. This worked out because I was totally useless from Monday on. I took a sick-day on Tuesday because I couldn't move and still had a fever. We had Wednesday off for Veterans Day which was great timing allowing me to avoid using another sick day. I dragged my sorry ass into work on Thursday and Friday, but I just kept to myself. I had a lot of stuff to do; luckily most of it I could do while quarantined in my office.

I'm a big fan of Nyquil and Dayquil, but they just didn't do anything for my congestion. So we got some liquid Sudafed, the good stuff behind the counter that you have to sign for. That stuff was amazing, it cleared up my stuffed nose, cleared up my foggy brain and even warmed me up. It wasn't until a day or two later I found out I was misreading the dose I was supposed to be taking. The package said 2 teaspoons (tsp) for adults. The little measuring cup they gave me didn't have a 2 tsp mark, it had a 2 tbs mark – which is 2 tablespoons! I know tablespoons are bigger than teaspoons, but the cup was smaller than the normal measuring cup, so I thought it must have been a trick of the eye. No wonder I was feeling good, I was taking 3 times the recommended dose.

retarded measuring cup

Why would they include a measuring cup with the medication that doesn't have a marking in the same units as the recommended dose on the package? I think I just looked at it for a 2...and only saw the top one. I'm also used to seeing tablespoons abbreviated as TBSP, so I didn't even notice the two bottom marks as actual teaspoons, I thought they were all teaspoons. By the way, have you ever seen a DSSP? That stands for a dessertspoon which roughly measures 2 teaspoons. So while I'm on my deathbed, in pain and can't breath I'm supposed to figure out that I need to convert teaspoons to dessertspoons (which I've never heard of) while avoiding the non-standard abbreviation of tablespoons. I should've just started swigging from the bottle.

Free Laptop

Friday, November 13th, 2009 - Comments (0) in Life, Work

A few Thursdays ago I attended a "meat and switch" put on by Advizex and HP. In other words, HP invited me to a free lunch at a nice restaurant where they could do a presentation on all their new gear in hopes of getting me to think of them when I need to buy something in the future.

This lunch happened at the Black and Blue restaurant in Pittsford. I've wanted to eat there for quite a while, but as I'm a cheap bastard and it's a rather pricy steak and crab joint I never even considered it. I was psyched when the guy from HP called inviting me.

The presentations were illuminating as always, I'll seriously consider ProCurve switches when it comes time to replace some of Harley's infrastructure. Lunch was also very good. Leave it to me to get a turkey sandwich when I could have gotten a 12oz filet mignon for free. During lunch they passed around a fish-bowl for business cards. Originally they were going to raffle off a printer, but instead they decided on giving away a laptop!

I'm a pretty lucky person, but I rarely win big items like laptops; I was astounded when they called my name. Then they handed me a box containing a brand new HP Mini 310 netbook. Even though technically it's a netbook, it is almost full sized. The keyboard is like 95% the size of a regular laptop and the screen is 11.1" 16x9 which is shorter than a normal screen but almost as wide. 

I gave this to Rachelle since her laptop was on its deathbed, routinely locking up, rebooting randomly and the trackpad refusing to cooperate.

This thing has an HDMI port on it to connect to an HDTV, and they say it can play 720p hi-def video. I have yet to try this but I'm skeptical.

Free HP Mini 310