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Free Laptop

Friday, November 13th, 2009

A few Thursdays ago I attended a "meat and switch" put on by Advizex and HP. In other words, HP invited me to a free lunch at a nice restaurant where they could do a presentation on all their new gear in hopes of getting me to think of them when I need to buy something in the future.

This lunch happened at the Black and Blue restaurant in Pittsford. I've wanted to eat there for quite a while, but as I'm a cheap bastard and it's a rather pricy steak and crab joint I never even considered it. I was psyched when the guy from HP called inviting me.

The presentations were illuminating as always, I'll seriously consider ProCurve switches when it comes time to replace some of Harley's infrastructure. Lunch was also very good. Leave it to me to get a turkey sandwich when I could have gotten a 12oz filet mignon for free. During lunch they passed around a fish-bowl for business cards. Originally they were going to raffle off a printer, but instead they decided on giving away a laptop!

I'm a pretty lucky person, but I rarely win big items like laptops; I was astounded when they called my name. Then they handed me a box containing a brand new HP Mini 310 netbook. Even though technically it's a netbook, it is almost full sized. The keyboard is like 95% the size of a regular laptop and the screen is 11.1" 16x9 which is shorter than a normal screen but almost as wide. 

I gave this to Rachelle since her laptop was on its deathbed, routinely locking up, rebooting randomly and the trackpad refusing to cooperate.

This thing has an HDMI port on it to connect to an HDTV, and they say it can play 720p hi-def video. I have yet to try this but I'm skeptical.

Free HP Mini 310

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