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Car Warranty

Monday, March 30th, 2009 - Comments (5) in Cars, Life

Back in the fall I received a bunch of phone calls about car warranties. I never actually answered the phone since every time it was from a restricted number. It was a recording and each time it would leave a voicemail that sounded something like:

This is the second and last warning that the warranty on your car is about to expire, press 1 to speak to a representative about possible options...

They never left a callback number so I never actually got a chance to talk to anyone. But recently I got a couple of similar calls on my work cell phone. The first one again had no Caller-ID info, but I did answer it because I was expecting a call. I heard that familiar message and hit 1 to talk to someone. A very large sounding woman got on the other end and started talking quickly asking me the year, make and model of my car. The first thing out of my mouth was, "What company are you calling on behalf of?" She then started talking very quickly again essentially thanking me for my time and hanging up on me. A few days later my work cell phone rang again, but this time there was Caller-ID info: 949-256-9108! Same spiel, I hit 1 and a guy with a very deep voice came on. This time I decided to play along a little. The guy asked me for the info on my car and I told him I have an 1986 Cherokee. He stuttered and said, "Did you say 86?" After I confirmed he said their service would only cover cars going as far back as 1995. Then I asked him why and how he has my work cell number when my car hasn't had a warranty on it since I was in I was in fourth grade. He said there obviously was some mistake and that he would remove my number from his list.

I'm sure I'll get another one of these calls sometime soon and when I do I want to play along with a different tactic: I'm going to make up a bunch of info that they want to hear. I'll say I have a 2004 or 2005 Toyota or something and give them all bogus info to see how this works. I'm assuming they would want to send me something in the mail, in which case I'll give them my work mailing address, but maybe they'll want a credit card over the phone. I can't imagine what idiot is going to give their credit card number to some guy that calls them out of the blue, but I'm sure it happens.

Wegmans Bathroom

Sunday, March 15th, 2009 - Comments (6) in Life

Perinton Wegmans' bathroomI've had absolutely nothing to write about lately and I've been completely uninspired, so I thought I'd share a neat bathroom I found today.

We were driving around running some errands after breakfast and ended up at the Perinton Wegmans. When we lived in Brighton we'd shop at the Pittsford Wegmans, but now that we live in Fairport, we go to the Penfield one. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the door; it was like something you'd find in a high-end restaurant or hotel. On my way out, I noticed this cool sink and took a picture with my phone to show Rachelle. I was also looking forward to the exasperated face she makes when I say things like "hey look at this picture I just took in that bathroom!"

I guess I was most surprised because we consider this wegmans the second worst in the area (behind the East Rochester one).

While I was in there Rachelle was purchasing some sort of little green cupcake monster for our friend's 2 year old. He was thrilled with it.


Cupcake Fantasticness

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 - Comments (0) in Life

You might not be aware, but Cold Stone Creamery now sells what they call "Sweet Treat Cupcakes." They happen to be one of the best things ever! I was kind of annoyed I couldn't just get a 6-pack of the Oreo ones; the CSC near us only had variety packs.


You should try these, they're amazing! They've got everything going for them, they're made of cake, ice cream, fudge, icing, chocolate and Oreos! The only problem is they need to be bigger.

Spam in 2008

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 - Comments (3) in Email, Life, Work

The general consensus on the spam situation is that it's just going to keep getting worse until an updated mail protocol is adopted. I've accepted this and can deal with it; as the spammers come out with new tricks, new methods for dealing with those tricks come out.

I was surprised to see that overall in 2008 the amount of spam aimed at Harley actually went down!

spam trend for 2008

There was a pretty big reduction near the middle of November that I think can be attributed to the shutdown of the internet service provider McColo. We only saw a small decrease, but according to that article right after they were disconnected a 60% decrease in spam was detected! I can't believe if one ISP is responsible for that much spam, why weren't they shutdown sooner?