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The Harvest

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Well that time finally came around! After all my work protecting my peaches from the onslaught of predators, they were finally ripe and ready to be picked. The net did a wonderful job of keeping them on the tree and those bastard squirrels off. I didn't spray for bugs as much as I should have and there were quite a few that showed signs of insect attacks, but there were more than enough good ones for me.

They ended up being a little smaller than I expected, but then again I really have no idea how big they should be. I read online that once they're about an inch in diameter you should thin out the tree so they are no closer than 10-12 inches apart. This contradicts the other two things I read about thinning peach trees out:

  1. Thin it out as soon as they start growing.
  2. Don't thin it out, the tree will thin itself out.

I've tried these two options in previous years, so next year I'll try the new advice.

Peaches ripe on the tree

Ripe peach up close

They taste pretty good, but they don't have a very long shelf life. Once you pick them they seem to go bad pretty quickly. Actually even if you leave them on the tree they go bad pretty quickly too...


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