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Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

For a few weeks I've seen a small family of black cats running around, a mom and two kittens. I've seen them frolicking around across the street, so I assumed they were the neighbor's cats. This morning I saw one of the kittens laying out in the sun in front of my shed. He was also going under the shed like it was his new home. I really hope they are the neighbor's cats because I don't know if the space under the shed is an appropriate shelter for a Rochester winter.

kitten in the yard

When I was 5 we found a couple kittens in our wood pile next to the house. They were only a few weeks old at the time so we ended up taking them inside and keeping them. I'd like to have a cat now, but Rachelle is allergic and Claire probably is too. I probably wouldn't like one when it came time to clean the litter box though.

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