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Lost my Bat

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 - Comments (2) in Life, Softball

I have mixed feelings about our last softball game. We didn't play last Sunday because it was Independence Day, but the week before that we played a pretty decent team. They were similarly matched to us, but their pitcher seemed to have a problem throwing strikes, so he walked a bunch of us. The game was good, until the seventh inning when it started pouring rain. I don't mind a little rain, but it was really coming down, so much that it was actually hard to see to bat because water was dripping from your eyelashes. 


We won the game 7-5, but by the time it was over we were all looking like drowned rats. Not only were we wet, we were covered in mud from running around on the field and all our stuff was muddy from sitting on the ground.

While trying to not get mud and water all over the inside of my car after the game, I set some of my stuff on the ground while I took my cleats off and stripped down a little. Unfortunately I ended up leaving my bat on the ground when I was carefully putting all my crap in the car!!! This horrifying realization came to me about 2 miles from home, or 20 minutes away from the softball fields, so I couldn't just go back there because it was getting too late and I needed to help Rachelle with the baby. I went back the next morning at around 7am and sure enough it was gone. A friend of mine talked to one of the guys that run the leagues to see if anyone turned it in, but no dice. My last shred of hope is that someone will have the bat when I play this Sunday.

Busted Dryer

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 - Comments (4) in House, Life

Our dryer shit the bed on Saturday. Rachelle was trying to dry the 3rd load and it was acting like it was set on air-fluff, no heat at all. This is a pretty old dryer, it came with the house when we bought it, so I have no idea about its history. We've been using it for about 3 years now and have so far had no problems at all with it. At least she got Claire's stuff dry, if her woombie wasn't ready for bedtime it would have been a catastrophe.

After poking around online a little I figured out how to take the thing apart properly to get access to all the components I needed to test. Obviously there was something wrong with the heating system, but there were a few parts that could cause a no-heat situation. I checked all the thermostats and fuses for continuity and they were all good. I had voltage at the heating element too, but no continuity across it, which made me think the coil was broken somewhere even though it looked pretty good. I figured out how to remove the heating element and sure enough the coil broken right at the back inside one of the insulators.

broken heater element coil

broken heater element coil 2

I was really hoping it was a simple thermostat or fuse problem because the heating elements for these dryers are pretty expensive, ranging from $50-$100! I found one on eBay for like $32 shipped but there was a discrepancy in the auction, the seller had it listed as about 5/8" too large. I asked the seller if this was the right element for my dryer but I'm still waiting for him to get back to me.

Rachelle found that they sell a coil re-string kit for these elements! This was July 4th weekend, so of course no appliance parts stores were open. I did actually find a couple open on Monday, but none of them had this kit. I finally gave up and just ordered the re-string kit on eBay for like $13. In the meantime, I reconnected the coil by overlapping it a few turns and then squeezing them together with a bolt and 2 washers. I don't really expect it to solve the problem for very long, but it seems to be working; hopefully it'll hold until that re-coil kit arrives.

broken heater element coil 3