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Good Bye Old Friend

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 - Comments (6) in Cars, Life

It was a sad day, a day I knew would eventually come but not so soon, the day I sold my Cherokee. I still remember when my dad called saying he found a replacement for "the opaz" and that it was a Jeep Cherokee, I was so excited I could barely stand it.

Jeep Cherokee

I've got some great memories revolving around this car that I'll never forget. Cramming it full of my roommates and Tech Crew friends to go to Friendly's for ice cream (back when I could actually eat a 5-scoop Reese's Pieces sundae)... Making the 30 mile trip to Geneseo to see Rachelle (and the other g-hoes) over and over again... Having to push-start it at Wegmans when the starter motor failed... Tying our first Christmas tree to the top to bring it home... Getting the windows tinted so dark that I couldn't see anything that first night after I got it done... Getting a ticket on route 81 for that same tint (the only ticket I ever got in that car)... Putting hundreds of thumbtacks into the headliner to keep it from falling down on my head; I'd find thumbtacks in my hoods, down my pants and in my shoes... Getting into an accident (thanks Dave) while leaving Taco Bell; they got flat-bedded away while I drove home... Playing Tetris with Claire's nursery furniture to get it all home in one trip... Arguing with Rachelle about whether it was safe enough to drive Claire around in...

Claire in my jeep

I had been on the market for a more family friendly car for a while now, but not really actively looking; I was waiting for a car to fall into my lap. A few weeks ago one fell right in. My dad's friend's girlfriend's mom bought a new car on a whim and needed to get rid of her old one. My dad deemed it acceptable so we bought it.

The suitable replacement ended up being a 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback. It has just about the same amount of internal space as the Jeep, which was important to me and had all the amenities we wanted: air conditioning, automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, a headliner, and a quiet ride. It even has heated leather seats! Basically now we have 2 cars that Rachelle can drive and that we can take on trips. I taught her to drive a manual transmission years ago (I have a picture of her doing it on my desk at work), but that's not something you can be successful at once every few years. Tooling around town is one thing in the Jeep, but on the highway it could be a little loud.

Pic of pic of Rachelle learning to drive stick

When my dad informed me that the Outback was a good car and worth the money he said I should get on selling mine immediately. So I cleaned it up, shot some pictures and started with an ad on Craigslist. Within an hour or so of listing it I had a few phone calls and was showing it to a couple in a Wegmans parking lot. They loved it and said they wanted it. Stupidly I didn't get a deposit. Days later I got a phone call saying that it was going to cost too much to insure and that they were backing out. I then called the second guy who bought it that night. He's an RIT grad student who was specifically looking for an old 4 wheel drive car with a small engine. It makes me happy that this car will be driving around RIT again.

jeep in snow

Outer Banks

Sunday, September 5th, 2010 - Comments (5) in Life, Vacation

The end of the summer marked the third annual Reid Outer Banks vacation. The only difference this year was the addition of a new generation. Getting to Nags Head with a 7 month old was about as difficult as I imaged. She actually did really great on the plane rides. I got her to fall asleep after we boarded the first flight and she slept through 90% of it, including takeoff. We had a long layover at JFK so she napped there and was wide awake for the second flight. She only fussed a little when we were trying to make her do stuff she didn't want to (sleep and eat), but no screaming like I was expecting. 

claire in the outer banks

OBX sunrise

me in the ocean

I'm not really sure what the deal was, but I had a sinus headache the entire time. It started on the plane ride into Richmond, feeling like someone was stabbing me in the forehead with an icepick. After I landed it was much better, just a dull ache, but it was there the whole time. I just ended up taking some Sudafed each day which helped me out a lot.

We had a tent on the beach which really saved us. I could last a little while in the sun on the beach, but no way Claire could have. She sat on her blanket in the shade and sucked on all of her toys. We took her down to the water every day and put her feet in, but she didn't like it too much. The water was probably too cold for her.

Claire absolutely loved looking at traffic driving by from the upper deck. We went out there multiple times a day to let her check everything out. Too bad there wasn't much traffic at 6am when she got us up.

Watching traffic

The week was pretty uneventful, which is good for a vacation, with the exception of a wooden spoon catching on fire in the dishwasher and almost burning the house down. Ok, slight exaggeration, but a wooden spoon did catch on fire in the dishwasher. It had fallen through the rack and landed up against the heating element at the bottom. During the heated-dry cycle it actually burned the wood. It kind of smelled like marshmallows being toasted over a fire.

burned spoon

I was really disappointed at the lack of awesome vanity Virginia license plates. Last year I saw a bunch of them and searching for them really helped pass the 3.5 hour drive. On the way home I only saw one vanity plate, and it totally made up for not seeing any others: "VUGAY." At first I was puzzled, wondering why this guy would basically create a mobile invitation for a hate-crime, but then my sister noticed it was a Virginia Tech plate, which has a notorious rivalry with Virginia University. Awesome.

greatest VA vanity plate ever

Flying back was very similar to the trip down. Claire slept almost the whole first flight but was awake and kind of fussy for the second one. She was just done with traveling, just like me, and could only be entertained for a few minutes at a time by something. At one point the flight attendant was walking by slowly collecting garbage, and when she got to us Claire reached out and grabbed her ass! In her defense she was aiming for the plastic garbage bag the attendant was holding and simply missed. I was glad to see she laughed instead of punching me in the face thinking I pinched her.