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Bad Weekend

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

- didn't sleep much on friday to saturday

- claire non-napping monster on saturday

- email server just before lunch

- car breaking down sunday

Wow, this weekend was terrible. I don't know what or who we insulted, or when, but it came back at us with a vengence. Friday wasn't too bad, at school or at home. I actually got a lot of stuff done at work. Friday night and Saturday morning are anothe story though.

I slept like absolute shit. We went to sleep like the losers we are at 10:30ish and Claire started crying a little around 11:30. She stopped on her own rather quickly, but it woke me up. Then I woke up around 12:30 with a stomach ache. Then Claire woke up and started chatting with her lamb blanket around 4:00am. She eventually got bored and went back to sleep. Repeat around 5:15 and again at 6:15am when we finally got up. I was a total zombie. Usually you can get a powernap in during her nap time the fatal flaw in that plan was the fact that she didn't nap. I think she did like 20 minutes in the morning, while I was in the shower and she just refused in the afternoon. I finally got her to sleep for like 30 in the late afternoon, but that's always dangerous taking a nap too close to her bedtime.

We both slept better Saturday to Sunday but Claire was still up around 5am again. Once we got up, we went to Wegmans before it got crazy. When we got home I backed into the garage like I always do, but too far so I couldn't get the hatch open on the car. I started it to move it forward a snitch and heard this terrible grinding scratching noise from the engine! Fabulous.


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