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Subaru Timing Belt Cover

Friday, March 4th, 2011

A couple of months ago I had some work done on my Subaru Outback because of a failed idler pulley. Well it finally got warm enough for me to get on the ground and take a peak under the car, and I wasn't too pleased with what I saw. There was a piece missing from the rear timing belt cover that exposed another idler pulley and allowed for water/salt/debris to get up in there.

subaru outback broken timing cover

I was kind of annoyed with the dealer that did the timing belt work back in January because I think they should have seen this and done something about it. Seriously, what dealer would not try to sell you another part? That makes me think they either didn't see it, or didn't notice it until everything was back together and didn't want to redo it all.

To replace this cover, you have to remove the crank pulley for the serpentine belt, the front covers, the timing belt and the right-side cam sprockets.

I called the dealer back the other day and explained the situation. They wanted me to bring the car in so they can check it out, so I brought it in. I expected them to take a look and realize how much work would be involved and give me some grief. I was totally prepared to argue that they needed to fix it under the warranty of the last work they did, but I didn't have to. When they were looking at it, they had it for a little more than an hour and changed the cover on their dime with no discussion at all! The guy just came out said I was all set and handed me the keys. They even diagnosed the crunchy axle in the front. I knew the CV joint in one of them was making noise, but I didn't know which one, they told me it was the left one.

subaru outback fixed timing cover

Tags: repair subaru

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