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More Bandwidth!

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

I'm stoked, we're getting more bandwidth at school! One of our internet connections is a Time Warner Cable Business Class cable connection and we're going to be subscribing to a higher tier of service soon. Many years ago, that was the only internet access the school had and as we've expanded we kept this connection because it was pretty cheap and pretty fast.

Over time TWC upgraded their tiers and they were automatically upgrading our account, but I guess they weren't staying exactly current. One night at home I saw a commercial for their service and I took a look at their website. I was shocked to see their basic tier was 7Mb/768Kb while we were only getting 5Mb/768Kb and paying a decent amount for it. We actually decided to go with a slightly higher tier at 10Mb/1Mb. That'll double our incoming bandwidth and still increase our outgoing. The best thing is it costs around a quarter of what we were paying before. Of course they say "up to..." and that the technology is a best-effort, but I have 10Mb/1Mb at home and I get all of it all the time, so I'm hoping it'll work well at school too.

I also met with their government and education rep for our area to discuss possibly going with a 12Mb/12Mb direct fiber connection. This would be far more reliable and obviously way more money. I got some preliminary numbers and it isn't completely unreasonable, however it would require some restructuring of our current data and voice providers. Years ago I inquired about getting a symmetric fiber connection from TWC and was quoted some outrageous monthly cost. It was cost was so high mostly because they didn't have fiber anywhere in our area and it would require a very long pull.

Just doubling capacity on our current connection is awesome, but getting that symmetric fiber connection would be awesome! I'll have to get creative to see if I can swing that one.

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