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Basement Repurposing

Monday, November 28th, 2011 - Comments (0) in House, Life

What's in your basement? Mine was full of most of the crap that wouldn't fit in the rest of my house. Now in addition to that it's also the new home to all of Claire's outdoor toys.

Last year around this time she was barely walking so she was more than happy hanging out in the family room. Now she's running all over the place and tearing the house apart. Recently it's gotten too cold to play outside regularly like we did in the summer and early fall so in order to keep everyone's sanity we turned our basement into her playroom.

Our basement isn't totally finished, but it's not a wet stone dungeon either. It has terrible carpeting and stucco walls with faux bricks peeking through here and there. The only thing I really needed to do was clean up the crap, throw out the junk and disassemble my weight bench. I don't think I've used it once since moving into this house. My drumkit is still down there and she loves banging around on it; she even has a favorite pair of drumsticks she uses.

We also bought a nice chair for our living room to replace the huge loveseat which ended up in the basement. Claire likes jumping on it. I also moved my desktop down there since I'm rarely ever upstairs in the office.


Saturday, November 26th, 2011 - Comments (0) in Holidays, Life

For the past few years we've gone to Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my family. This year my sister just had a baby so my parents were down at her house and we did Thanksgiving in Buffalo with Rachelle's family.

I usually get a little worried when we have to take Claire out of her cast-in-stone routine but she did great. The plan was to eat around 3:00 but life happened and we ended up eating around 4:30 instead. This worked out better for Claire anyway since she usually eats dinner at 5. I was hoping she would eat some of the holiday dinner food that we don't normally have, but not even close. The only thing she showed interest in was the cranberry sauce, and I think that was only because she thought it was jello. She pulled a face and spat it out as soon as she tried it. Well, at least she tried it.

claire on thanksgiving

We ended up leaving around 5:30 so we could get back for her bedtime. I was a little nervous that she would fall asleep in the car on the way home totally ruining bedtime but she was awake almost the whole time and in good spirits. I was impressed considering it was dark and she couldn't see anything.

The next day Rachelle's mom and sister came to town and babysat for us so we could see a movie. Her mom brought Thanksgiving leftovers which enabled me to make the most excellent t-day leftover sandwich for dinner.

thanksgiving leftover sandwich