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Hospital Stay

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Ever since our trip to the Outer Banks last summer Rachelle has gotten a few instances of cellulitis. Each time it resulted in the doctor prescribing some antibiotics and a few days of painful recovery.

A couple weekends ago Rachelle woke up and the bridge of her nose was like twice as wide as normal! Then the next day the rest of her face was all swollen and red so she made an appointment at her doctor's office. Her doctor was out of town but she got in to see another doctor in that group at around noon and he basically said to go to the emergency room. We should have just gone to the ER first thing that morning but instead we got there around 1pm and she was seen by a doctor at around 4pm.

Because the infection was on her face they wanted to keep her overnight at the hospital and give her IV antibiotics. Having to stay in the hospital overnight is hard enough, but add a 2.5 year old to the equation and it gets exponentially more difficult. This all started with Claire at daycare, so I had to leave Rachelle at the ER, pick up Claire and drop her at a friend's house so I could head back to the ER. Then I found out she was staying overnight so I had to go back to pick up Claire and bring her home to go to bed at 7pm and then have another friend come over and hang out at our house while Claire slept so I could bring Rachelle the stuff she needed at the hospital.

Luckily they let Rachelle go the next day around noon rather than a full 24 hours after being admitted so Claire was still at daycare. That made life a little easier because I had to run around getting some prescriptions and other stuff. Claire was also very happy to see mommy!

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