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Nags Head Vacation

Friday, August 31st, 2012

It's almost time for school to start up again, so that means it's time for our yearly vacation in the Outer Banks. My dad rented the same house in Nags Head again this year.

In typical Reid fashion it rained for part of the time. At least this year there wasn't a hurricane. Well there was, but it went west toward Louisiana a fews after we left.

It was your typical relaxing vacation. Claire surprised me be immediately playing in the sand when we finally got to the beach the day after we got there. Last year she wouldn't touch it. In fact she would pick the tallest chair so she would be as far away from it as possible. She didn't like the water at first though. She referred to the white bubbles as the waves hit the beach as "soap" and wouldn't go near it. It wasn't until the second to last day that Rachelle convinced her to dip her toes in the water. Of course she loved it and referred to that as "dipping" for the next couple days. There was a hottub at the house and Claire loved swimming around in that once we turned the temp down to around 96°. In previous years she has slept in the spare room but this year my sister's step-daughter Emily was sleeping in that room so we stuck Claire in a pack-n-play in the on-suite bathroom of our bedroom. This setup worked much better actually. The spare room is right below the kitchen and facing the main road so it's very noisy. This bathroom was set back from the main road and much more isolated and quiet.

Just like last year we had issues getting home. We got to Norfolk airport (ORF) with pleanty of time only to find out our plane had "mechanical issues" and had to return to the airport it took off from while it was on the way to ORF. This delay ended up being almost 2 hours. They said if our connecting flight leaves earlier than 1:30pm we would need to rebook it. It did for us and it seemed for everyone else on our flight too. I waited in a huge line to rebook and got a flight later in the day. Of course we were only standby on that flight though. We finally got on the plane and made it to Washington Dulles (IAD) to find out that our original connecting flight was delayed too, just enough to possibly get on it. The problem is IAD is the size of a small city and our connection was in a different terminal. We had to get on one of these "bus" things that looked like a train car on truck tires. It drove us from the D gates to the C gates. Then we had to go down an elevator and about 5 escalators (all with carry-on bags and a 2.5 year old in a stroller) and then get on a subway train to take us to the A gates. When we finally got to our gate to see the door closed and nobody around. There was a guy at the desk though and we yelled for them to wait. Amazingly they called someone who said okay and they brought us to the plane. The had to open the plane door to let us on and it started moving before we even got to our seats. I was thrilled! Then we got on the runway and sat there for 2.5 hours. If I didn't have an iPad with multiple kids videos on it we would have been screwed. But we planned ahead and the delay didn't matter to Claire one bit since was busy watching Little Einsteins and Wow Wow Wubzzy.

We were about 18th in light for take off but we sat there so long planes kept having to return to the gates to refuel losing their place in line. Eventually we made it to 2nd in line. We waited so long they were about to return us to the gate and deboard because of that FAA rule where you can't sit on the runway for longer than some amount of time. But just in time they released us and we flew to Rochester. The flight was only 30-something minutes which seemed like no time at all compared to our delay.

I expected them to lose our luggage and I wasn't disappointed. They didn't really lose it, they just weren't fast enough to get it on our flight so it came on a later flight. Some college kid delivered it to the house about 11:30pm that night. I guess it could have been worse, but I'll be happy if I never have to fly again. It's so expensive and inconvient and they can never seem to get us anywhere without delays.

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