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Vacation on Lake George

Monday, July 14th, 2014 - Comments (0) in Life, Vacation

lake george

I'm mixing it up this year and taking my major vacation at the beginning of July rather than the end of August like I usually do. My sister is going to have a baby around the same time we'd all be in the Outer Banks so my parents decided not to do our beach getaway this year. Fortunately, we were able to get in on a big lake house on Lake George with Rachelle's parents and siblings. 

The house was great. There was plenty of room for everyone which is impressive considering there were 6 small children terrorizing the place and all their parents. We decided to split dinners up and have each family cook what they want for everyone on "their" night. Rachelle and I picked the first night which was rather hectic but I was very glad to get it out of the way. We were already frazzled from driving 5+ hours and all the chaos of unpacking, so what's a little more?

I'm used to more of a beach than what we had there, but it was still very nice for a lake. It had its own private dock and a 100" or so wide beach area. The kids absolutely loved it.

fun at lake george

Anyone with small kids knows that a vacation really is never a real vacation. By far the most challenging part of this was keeping constant attention on Nolan. He figured out how to open the doors and could walk right out. He would run circles out the living room door over the deck, in the side door by the kitchen and all over the place. None of the first-floor decks had any railings and he felt the need to constantly be right at the edge. And even though there was a big yard to play in, poison ivy was everywhere. We told Claire it was Meddlesome Myrtle like on her show Sofia the First because she knew it was very bad and wouldn't touch it.

me "fishing"

I had the pleasure of pulling Nolan's first tick off his neck! It hadn't bitten him yet; it was just surveying the land looking for a good spot. I was tempted to take a picture, but I know Rachelle would've murdered me for not getting it off him immediately.

I knew ahead of time that cellular service was going to be spotty and not very functional, so I brought my Verizon network extender that I use in my office at work. It uses the broadband to create a mini cell tower to supplement poor coverage. It worked great and we were all able to make and receive calls. Luckily I also thought to bring a wireless access point and various cables and adapters. I also knew there was internet and wireless in the house, but it was setup on the far side where we would be out of range a majority of the time. I was able to get the access point setup right in the middle of everything. The internet was very slow Verizon DSL which was less than desirable, but did function. 

The last night we were there Claire wasn't feeling very good. She had a temperature of 102° and still was pretty hot for the ride home. By the time we got home Nolan also had a 101° temp. At least they got sick right at the end and not on the first day.