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Parent Visit

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 - Comments (0) in House, Life

My parents just came up for a visit this past weekend. Usually we bring the kids down to visit them, but I had a bunch of projects I needed my dad's help with so they came up here instead.

The big project was to get some airflow in my attic. This past winter was brutal and we everyone had serious ice-damn problems which in our case led to water coming in and floors getting ruined. My attic is very well insulated, all most too well. The insulation goes right out to the edges between the second floor ceiling and the roof, leaving no room for airflow through the soffit vents. The idea was to sneak these plastic channel things between the roof and the insulation to allow more airflow so the temperature in the attic would be closer to the outside temperature. If the temperature is the same, the snow won't melt and form ice damns. Well, after a very uncomfortable time in the attic we couldn't progress from there. We decided to try doing it from the outside at the soffit vents. That's when we discovered that the soffit vents in the siding are basically just for show. There are no holes behind them.

I had a bunch of small engine stuff that wasn't working well or at all and he helped me get all of that running too. One push mower didn't run at all but was in great shape, so we got that running. My other push mower ran, but very poorly. That's better now too. One is a spare for when my big mower has issues, but I'm planning on selling the other one on Craigslist. I also found a snowblower on the curb that was in very good shape. It needed some carburator work but other than that, it was fine. From my dad's research the machine was made back in 1970-1971. For its age, it is in amazing shape. It's bigger than mine in every aspect, which might actually be a problem. I like my current snowblower, but this might work better. And being bigger it will be harder to get in and out of the garage when needed in the winter time. As it is, my smaller blower is a tight squeeze to get around the Pilot. I suppose I'll hang on to it until I have a chance to try it out in the snow and then decide to keep or sell.

We also replaced the strainer baskets in the kitchen sink. The ones we had were in a different finish than the faucet and were disgusting. The disposal side also had all of the little rubber guard broken off, so all sorts of things were constantly going into the disposal that shouldn't be. This wasn't that hard, but plumbing is just miserable work. We were actually able to get everything we needed in one trip to Lowes, that's a new record for me. I ALWAYS forget about something.

I had a great time hanging out with my parents as I don't get to see them very often. And in a few weeks I'll get to see them again when we all converge on the Outer Banks.

Happy Anniversary!!

Thursday, July 16th, 2015 - Comments (0) in Life

Well, yesterday was Rachelle's and my 9 year wedding anniversary. Nine years is a long time (for me), but we've known each other for about 15 years!

We didn't do anything special on the actual day, but tonight we went to dinner at Shema, our favorite sushi place in the city. My mother-in-law was up watching the kids today since Rachelle had to go into work. She stayed long enough for us to go out and celebrate.

Next year we'll have to do something super special, good thing I have a year to think of something.