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Outer Banks - Days 2 and 3

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 - Comments (0) in Life, Vacation

Nolan is sleeping in our room in a pack-n-play and I thought we'd be getting up at god-awful o'clock because he'd wake up and see us. But I hung a sheet up so he couldn't really see us, and so far he's been sleeping until 8ish every morning.

Claire has been loving the beach and the ocean. She got clobbered a few times by waves in the surf but it didn't seem to bother her too much. Nolan on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the ocean at all. He seemed to like playing in the sand a bit but he wouldn't go anywhere near the water. He loved the hottub though. Unfortunately the way it worked out it's basically high-tide the whole day when the kids could be at the beach, so Claire hasn't gotten too far into the water.

We cooked dinner on the grill these two days. Even though by dad and brother-in-law both brought small gas grills, which I'm used to cooking on, we had to cook for so many people I used the larger charcoal grill on the property. The first day we used new charcoals that already had the lighter fluid added. This worked great, it started right up and was ready to cook in like 10 minutes. The second day I used the rest of an existing bag of charcoal I found at the house. I had a very hard time getting this to burn and finally get hot enough to cook on. It worked out in the end though.

Outer Banks - Day 1

Sunday, August 16th, 2015 - Comments (0) in Life, Vacation

Today was the first day of our vacation in the Outer Banks. My alarm went off at 3:20am (!) in order for us to get out the door at 4:10am and to the airport at 4:30am for our 5:50am flight. The kids got up surprisingly easily and seemed to be ok with the early hour. In the car Rachelle asked Nolan if he was okay and he said, "No, Sleep!" That pretty much summed it up.

Even at 4:30 in the morning, Rochester International Airport was very busy. The line to get through security was huge. But it moved quickly and our flight took off without a problem. We were actually early landing at BWI and had to sit there and wait for a gate to open up. That was the worst of the air travel.

When I picked up the rental car in Norfolk, they upgraded me from a full-sized sedan to a Ford Expedition at no additional cost! I was super excited about having the extra room. I guess they had a bunch of big cars available and were offering to upgrade everyone. The poor kids finally got to take a nap in the car on the 90 minute drive to Nags Head. It wasn't long enough, but I guess better than nothing. 

Since we were the first to arrive in town we stopped by the rental office to pick up the keys. We were a few hours early, but the house was ready and they had no problem with the timing. The house was rented by my dad who has the same name, so I assumed I could get away with checking in for him, but they never asked for identification.

Aside from the ludicrisly early start to today, it was a great travel day. Hopefully the rest of the vacation goes as smoothly.

Lifting Weights for a Bad Back

Saturday, August 1st, 2015 - Comments (0) in Life

I've had a bad back for many years. It seems like it's just getting worse too. I was able to get along with it for a while now, but this past year or so I've had to resort to going to a chiropractor. That works sometimes for keeping me pain free, but I needed to find something that costs less money.

I discovered lifting weights actually does wonders for my back. I'm not talking about spending hours in the gym a few times a week, but rather a single set of a few different exercises every night.

I started doing a single set of each: bench press, bicep curl into overhead press, and dumbell deadlifts. Not super heavy weights or anything, just going through the motions.

Before starting this it seemed like every other day I was tweaking my back or neck. I actually had to delay starting lifting weights because every time I was going to start I'd hurt myself earlier in the day. Since I started, I haven't had a single show-stopping back problem.