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In Soviet Russia, MP3 downloads YOU

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

I read an interesting article this morning saying that Russia agreed to the US's RIAA's request to shut down This is very unpleasant news. AOMP3 is a Russian operated website where you can purchase music. The big deal is that the music costs typically less than 1/10 of other popular online music stores (iTunes). AOMP3 has a pricing model based on bandwidth rather than just a flat (outrageous) fee per song. This means an 8 minute song costs more than a 2 minute song, and the higher the quality (the bigger the file size), the more money it costs. They also had a very wide selection of music available. I wrote a spiel about AOMP3 a few months ago:

I had about $12 left on my AOMP3 account when I read this story this morning, and I quickly used as much of it as I could while the site is still up. Since Russia agreed to this horseshit, it'll probably take a few days for them to get to the operators of the site to take it down. I'd rather have a balance of as close to $0 as possible when the site does go dark.

I wonder if the RIAA really thinks their sales will go up by forcing this site offline. Like people will suddenly go, "OH, AllofMp3 is down, I guess I better drive to the store and buy the CD I was going to download!" Not a chance in hell. If anything it's going to force people to go the P2P route again and not pay anything for the music. I still can't believe a company (or group of) can bully, extort, threaten and sue its customers and stay in business. That isn't a great business strategy. You can read about their previous antics on slashdot.

There is also some good info on this blog: It's maintained by a couple of lawyers who've defended a bunch of people in RIAA suits.

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