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Stupid eBay Sellers

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Now that I've had a working home theater pc for almost a year and we actually use it I thought it might be time to do some hardware upgrades. A few months ago I added a second standard-def tuner so I could record multiple programs on different channels at the same time. This worked great so I thought next I would try adding a high-def tuner.

So after looking around for a while comparing prices, features, linux/mythtv compatibility and all that crap I decided to see if I can find a second hand pcHDTV 2000 card. They can basically just do over the air HD content; I wouldn't be able to plug it into our cable and get unencrypted QAM encoded channels. I found one on ebay just before Christmas and won the auction for $25.06. I don't own an HDTV (yet) so I think when I get this card working I'll end up transcoding the recorded video down from the HD resolution (1920x1080) to something reasonable like 740x420 for playback on my SDTV. Even transcoded the video will look phenomenal compared to the SDTV recordings.

The card arrived late last week when we got back from Jersey and today at work I had a chance to test this card out. A new install of Fedora Core 6 detected the card as a pcHDTV 3000 rather than a 2000. I thought it might just be linux being stupid and tried manually installing the card as a 2000 model. After a while I gave up and just tried using the card as detected and it seems to work. I guess the ebay seller really didn't know what they were selling and let a card typically selling for $75-120 for about a quarter of the price. I love getting deals like this, but the big thing I'm happy is that I can use this card by plugging it into my cable tv rather than screwing around with an antenna on the house. Perhaps I'll make an exception to my feedback policy and leave them positive before they leave me anything.

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#1 - Jan 2, 2007 at 7:35 PM
Positive? You should leave them negative feedback and complain that the card wasn't as advertised. :)
#2 - Jan 2, 2007 at 8:23 PM
Yeah, but I'm watching that seller to see what else they list've got to be stealthy in these situations

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