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Friday, July 27th, 2007

Rachelle got me a watch for our 1 year anniversary, but it needed to have a couple of links taken out of the band to fit me. No problem. Under normal circumstances I would have done it myself, but since we moved, I can't find anything, including tools I would use to take the pins out. We brought it back to the place she bought it from to have them do it. When we got to the counter the woman said that the only person who does that is on a lunch break (at 7:00pm) and would be back in an hour. So my first thought is wondering why they only have 1 person that can do this? It's not rocket surgery.

So while we were waiting for the lone watch-band-link-remover to come back from lunch, we walked around to a few other stores that size watches. They generally all want $14 and like 20 minutes to take a link out of a watch band! It probably takes maybe 5 minutes to do this and at $14, that equates to something along the lines of $168/hr! Absolutely ridiculous.

I wanted to take some pictures of the new kitchen faucet I installed last week, but the batteries in my camera were dead. Rachelle then informed me that she bought an 8-pack of "Super Heavy Duty" Sunbeam brand AA batteries for $1 somewhere. After laughing for a while and wondering how useless these batteries were probably going to be, I joking said, "If I can get 3 pictures out these batteries, I'll be impressed." I only got 1 picture! At least they'll work well in remote controls.

This week at work our CFO was complaining that she wasn't getting an email from M&T Bank when she requested her password. I checked in to it, and their email wasn't getting caught by a spam filter, it was getting rejected due to a sanity check. Basically email connections to Harley are checked to make sure they conform to the standards. Many spammers use shitty custom software that doesn't conform to SMTP standards, so rejecting weird looking connections is almost always safe. Except when it comes to M&T. I was kind of astounded that a national (maybe even global) bank can't get their shit together and just follow published guidelines and standards. It makes me wonder about the settings of their other IT services. I'd like to think things like their databases of bank account info are securely set up, but who knows...

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#1 - Aug 6, 2007 at 11:17 AM
I buy mens watches to wear because i like them really big. the last few i've gotten are ENORMOUS! i like the 'bracelet' style ones and they always need to have links taken out. the one i got most recently was so big the jeweler said they couldn't take out enough links for it to fit me. didn't make sense to me, but it is seriously a watch made for a XXXL size guy.

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