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Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Not a whole lot has been going on for the past month, just the usual everyday stuff. Now that I think about it, the only things coming to mind are the 2007 NYSCATE conference and Thanksgiving.

Nyscate was fun; they had a like 9 timeslots for little talks and like 20 difference choices for each timeslot. They were more geared toward educators than technology people, but I found a few I liked. One of them was on implementing an enterprise class wireless network. It was rather refreshing to see a session on how and why you should do things a certain way without being told "you'll need to buy our product in order to do this." It just so happens that I'm planning a project to improve the wireless at Harley soon, so this was a good one. I also saw a bunch of sessions on specific products, which is good to know what's out there, but I like the generic ones better. Then when you weren't in a session there was a huge room with booths from over 100 vendors you could go chat with. Rachelle (who also went to the conference) liked going around with me to the vendors, because they seemed to give me better free stuff than they were giving out to the teachers. I got stuff like coffee mugs, travel mugs, a leather and nylon portfolio, a rocket-ship clock and all sorts of other stuff. I finally got to meet my CDWG rep, John, as he was one of the guys manning their booth.

The day after the conference we left for NJ for Thanksgiving. We got to hang out with my parents and a couple old friends. I finally got to see JMW; I think the last time we saw him was at his wedding a couple years go. Then we did Thanksgiving over my aunt and uncle's house. I ate wayyyyy too much.

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#1 - Dec 3, 2007 at 5:26 PM
The pictures we have prove that you ate too much! You were falling asleep on the sofa, along with your father...who started to fall asleep BEFORE dinner. I can't figure out how all 4 of you squished into that Honda afterwards? That would have been a good picture.
#2 - Dec 3, 2007 at 5:52 PM
It was definitely a tighter fit on the way home in the honda than it was on the way there. Dad was practically falling asleep before we even got there!
#3 - Dec 6, 2007 at 6:22 AM
You should have the directions in your brain by now. Maybe next time, you should step up to the plate and offer to drive and then he can sleep all he wants and not be behind the wheel tired. He needs to get a more comfortable car for those tired bones. Life is too short, enjoy what you can. I have a bad back, but I also drive a car with heated lumbar leather seats. So it costs more in gas, but that's NJ! I get better mileage out of state.

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