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Baby Mama Drama

Friday, May 9th, 2008

We saw Baby Mama this past weekend. It was pretty funny, but super predictable. Best line in the entire movie:

"I think she wants me to rub olive oil on your taint."

Baby Mama

My favorite part about the movie was how inexpensively we were able to see it. We got a half-price entertainment book since the year is half over, but it still has tons of useful coupons. It has a bunch of Regal Cinema coupons for two $6 adult tickets. That's cheaper than the cheapest theaters around here even when we use our ancient student ID cards. We also used a gift card to pay. We hit Wegmans up before the movie getting gummies and some drinks to sneak in. I'm not even sure we have to sneak outside food into movies, I've only seen signs like "Please refrain from bringing outside food or drinks into the theater", they don't say you can't, just that you shouldn't. Either way it's pretty fun to sneak food in; consciously doing things you know you shouldn't is always fun.

Tags: funny movie

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