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Season 3 Game 1

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

SoftballI've mentioned before that the summer softball season is starting up and today was our first game! I have no idea who we played, what organization they represented, but we killed them; the mercy rule was put into effect. I don't know if the mercy rule is a standard thing in other leagues, but basically it says the game is over if there is a 12 run lead by the 5th inning. I think the final score was 14 to 2.

We played really well; not many fielding errors, no wild throws and we were very patient at bat. I got up to bat twice during our five innings and I got a pretty good hit the first time. I was able to put it pretty far into right field (even though I bat righty) and they totally weren't expecting that. I got walked the second time (remember I said patience) which was great because in this league if a guy walks and a girl is next in the lineup, he gets two bases! I've heard it's some deterrent to them walking the guys who might have big hits and just letting the girls hit.

I saw the other team warming up on the next field and they looked like they were good, but they had some problems. The guys were all decent but it seemed like they just got all their girlfriends to play since it was a co-ed team. I'm not saying having a few warm bodies on your team is a terrible thing, everyone has to learn somehow, but they had quite a few. I shouldn't say all, their best player was some girl they had at shortstop. Her first hit was a dud, but she smacked the crap out of it on her second. My friend Curtis hit the ball hard at her every time he was up at bat and she caught it every time, he wasn't too pleased with that.

Over all this was a great first game, not just because we won, but because we played well and it set a great climate for the start of the season.

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