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Season 3 Game 2

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Ugh, we lost game 2 with a score of 7-8. Normally a close game like that would be a good thing, but we did not play very well at all. He had some major fielding problems; one particular inning we just couldn't get an out. We were finally saved when the batter hit in in-field fly ball. Our second base player missed the catch, but there is some in-field fly rule which caused it to be an out anyway.

We were actually winning for most of the game, they started bad and got better while we started strong and ended up pretty weak.

This was a rather unique game because of the number of players we had; just about everyone who said they'd play showed up. Usually it's just the same old people plus or minus a couple. As a result a bunch of people had to sit out for the first half and go in the second. Hopefully next week we'll play better and kick some ass.

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