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Season 3 Game 4

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Yesterday our softball game got rained out in the third inning. The weather was beautiful all morning and nice when we got there before the game to warm up. As we were getting ready before the game, a breeze blew in that was probably 15-20 degrees colder than the air around us and in the matter of about 5 minutes it went from being lower 80s down to about 60.

It was so windy that just about every pitch was blown off course and ended up being a ball; it was a total walk-fest. When the game was finally called in the third inning the score was like 10-8 and 90% of those runs were walks.

When it first started raining we all huddled under near by trees. Every time it lightened up and we went back out it would start pouring even harder. The final straw came when I was up at bat. It was raining practically sideways and so hard I couldn't see because the rain was getting in my eyes and messing with my contacts. At the last pitch I had to shut one of my eyes or risk losing my contact lens, so I had no depth perception and couldn't tell where the ball was. I ended up hitting it way late and fouled, but the guy that went to catch it slip and fell on his face. Once the umpire saw that he called it quits.

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