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Cherokee Subwoofer Enclosure

Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
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Ever since high school I have used a dual 12" sub box for my car stereo. When I aquired my Cherokee, I simply put my original box in the back. But to utilize the ability to move large objects or large amounts of stuff in the Jeep, I would have to remove the subwoofer. This got real annoying real fast. I also had my car broken into during the summer of 2003; I guess they were looking for a nice system to steal, but luckily my subs were out of the car because I was helping my friend move at the time.

The solution was to build a box into the side of the car. I got a single 10" subwoofer with a very shallow mounting depth (3 inches). This way I could make a box that was camouflaged just like another body panel of the car and the geniuses that break into my car again won't notice there is a subwoofer there.


My buddy Dave helped out with making the templates for the sides of the box. Then once they fit if place I just used Bondo to seal around the edges. I also used camper weather stripping around the whole opening to seal against the front cover where the driver is.



Once the box was totally sealed it was lined with this rubber stuff Dave "found" at a construction site at RIT. I believe it's a vapor barrier to go under sidewalks. Whatever it is, its thick, adhesive backed, and excellent for keeping the body of the car from vibrating from the sub.



Then I cut the holes for the speaker and terminal, soldered the wires in (12 gauge from the old lighting mults at TechCrew), slapped it on there and added a little fluff.



This is how it currently looks. Eventually I will be making a grill to cover the whole thing and make it look like there is nothing there.


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