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Season 3 Games 9 and 10

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

On Sunday we played games 9 and 10, both against our nemesis: Agatina's. This was a double header to make up for the Sunday before when the game got rained out in the first inning. They had some really good players, but they also had some real jerks. Every time we play them there is usually some inter-team meltdown. Last season I can remember one of the girlfriends getting yelled at and leaving the game in a huff. This time they were yelling another female player and she got mad and refused to put forth any effort. When she was up at bat she wouldn't swing, and when she was in the field she wouldn't move, not even taking her hand out of her pocket.

We won this game by a decent amount. They needed to win both games in order to make it to the playoffs, so when they lost the first game they decided they were only going to play the second game "for fun" even though this is a recreation league and we're all there for fun. So they just messed around the entire second game and got pounded. It was kind of annoying that they didn't take the second game seriously. 

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