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Friday, June 12th, 2009

I've been doing a bunch of things around the house lately. We're in the midst of refinancing and part of that is getting a bank appraisor to say our house is worth at least 20% more than the amount we want to borrow. So in order to help him decide on a larger number, we tried to make the place look as nice as possible.

Earlier in the Spring I got the lawn rolled and aerated. We have a pretty flat yard, but just in the couple years we've been here it had gotten REALLY lumpy. I really only wanted to get it rolled because that was the cheap part, but I found out you should really aerate at the same time to aleviate some of the pressure from compressing all the grass roots. That might be a big crock of shit, who knows. I think next year I'll only get the rolling done and see what happens. In typical Joe Reid fashion I hunt around for a deal, don't find any, hire someone and the day before they're supposed to come out, I see a sign in my neighbor's lawn for a different company that is totally cheaper.

I borrowed a powerwasher from Rachelle's father a few weeks ago and cleaned off the house and the back patio. From the day we moved in Rachelle had been telling me we needed to powerwash the house. For some reason the east side was always dirtier than any other sides. By the time I actually washed it, it was turning green from the lawn mower blowing trimmings at the house. The patio was also filthy, but it wasn't obvious just how dirty it was until I made a clean spot.


patio 2

The front walk is all concrete which cleaned up very nicely. There is only one crack in it and I didn't get too close to it because the powerwasher would break up the material used to fill that crack. You can see the original darker color of the concrete next to the crack below.

front walk front walk 2

We also got our driveway resealed last week and again in typical Joe Reid fashion, the day before they were supposed to come out and do it I got a flyer in the mail from some other company advertising a cheaper price...

driveway seal

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